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September 2013



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Sketching our best models

"Curled," originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

So, the best time to capture my darling man is when he's at the computer, watching a movie, or sleeping--otherwise he's in motion! Hence the many sketches of a sleeping knight...

This is a warm dark gray Prismacolor pencil, 90%, on Strathmore Bristol, a smooth paper with just enough tooth. I was paying attention to the relationship between the features, here, and trying to notice how shapes fit together, mentally measuring the position of the ear, the slant of the nose, the shape of the mouth relaxed in sleep.

When a model is in an unusual position, we don't see what we expect to--we have to trust our eyes and try to draw what we see, never mind whether our brain makes sense of it or not. Of course you still have to use your brain too! Follow-through insures that the arm on the bottom connects with itself and doesn't look disconnected.

Shadows help define position, too...the dark shadow on the back of his right hand indicates that it was bent a bit more away from the light. His shoulder caught most of the light, and his temple, so those areas were lightest in value as well.

I wanted to keep this loose and sketchy, but as accurate as I could...an interesting trick to try to pull off!

At rest

As he remained asleep, I was able to start another sketch, using a different method, with the same medium and paper.  Here, I was paying more attention simply to planes and their relationships to one another, what the light and shadow did there--and hoping the features would fall into place...

This was really a challenge, since I am normally so aware of trying for a likeness when working this close, and particularly of someone I love!  But planes also define likeness, and for the most part I'm happy with this one...


These sketches are so loving.... Clearly if my DH would SLEEP, I might have more success than when he's prone in front of a football game!! I recently red four novels by John Sandford (the Kidd series)... the protagonist/genious/computer hacker is an artist... so there are always references to his sketching... usually pre or post coitally, though.
Best wishes and contratulations to both of you.
I need to read some John Sandford, it would appear! Thank you...