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September 2013



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Now, and Then...

Now and Then, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

The wedding was an unqualified success...glorious, gorgeous, beautiful, sweet, tender, funny...

(When we kissed, the wreath fell off my head, and Joseph said "Oh, I guess I've deflowered you!" Everyone fell apart laughing, including me! Then the minister said "I think we'd better pray, now..." More laughter...what fun!)

About 30 friends and family were able to attend at such short notice...much good music, candles, food, wine, flowers, laughter, and even white twinkie lights in all the trees, like a cloud of fairies...

There was even a bit of dancing barefoot in the grass...yum.

My dear friends Susan and Jytte provided the setting, as beautiful as ever you could wish, for an autumnal equinox in the Missouri woods. Susan made wreaths for our heads and a wildflower bouquet for me to carry. (Unfortunately we forgot it in the kitchen till after the ceremony, but we did get photos afterwards!) I haven't seen any of the photos yet...will post when I do.

We wrote our own vows, intertwining our own personal litanies with traditional Christian marriage forms, and including some of our favorite and most meaningful verses from 1 Corinthians 13 and from the Song of Songs...

So good to have our friends and family there...funny, I hadn't realized what an impact it would have on us, solemnizing our vows before some of the people who care most about us, seeing their faces, receiving their open-hearted blessings, sharing happy tears. We are so grateful to all of them, and missed those who couldn't be there.

My husband...how amazing to say that! He is my joy, my gift, my delight...


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Thank you, sweetie! It was absolutely wonderful, save for missing those who couldn't be there. Would have loved to have my sis, who was at my first wedding, after all, and his family, as well as some of my dearest friends who had other plans or lived too far away, including you and Steve...but you do what you can, and it all worked out so beautifully. Plenty of sweet tears here too...
Congratulations to you both!
Thank you! I was SO sorry you and Paul couldn't come...that's the problem with last-minute events. I can't believe it came together as well as it DID!
Oh how wonderful! Congratulations to you both!
Thank you, sweet thing! It was wonderful, beautiful, fun, AND deeply touching...
It sounds like it was a beautiful wedding!
Congratulations and many happy years ahead for the both of you!

It was, Madeline, thank you! My godchildren even said it was the most beautiful wedding they'd ever seen...wow....

Congratulations my dear friend. I'm so very happy for you and your husband. May your life together continue to be wonderful and filled with love.
Thank you, dear Ladye...he is my darling.
Thank you, girl!
*sob sob sob* How delightful! Thank you for sharing. Does that mean he is living there now?
Hi Donna, and thank you! And no, I wish...another 10 months of hello, goodbye...


Congratulations Mr & Mrs ..erm....Joseph! LOL!
I wish many years of the feeling you have together right now.
Anita Davies
Thank you, Anita! We're still trying to get around the name thing, as well...
much happiness to you both--i so wish i could have been there. it sounds like it was a truly joyous occasion--and i suspect that you two will keep that joy forever. i love beginnings...(and we will require photos!)
Hi sweet thing--I got your offer of cake assistance, thank you! Neither of us eat cake, so...your offer was sweet enough!

It was joyous indeed, and I wish you could have shared it with us. I love beginnings, too...and yes, photos SOON I hope!


Congratulations, you two Lovebirds!! It sounds like it was the Wedding from Paradise!! May all your days be filled with the exquisite love you share today. You are an inspiration in more ways than one!

Hugs to you both,

Thank you, Bonny, and for the lovely card! I've added it to our wedding book...



Cathy and Joseph!
Yes dreams do come true!!!!!!!!!!! Girl you are a ray of sunshine and I know Joseph is enjoying soaking up the sun!!!! Jim and I couldn't be happier for both of you. You should write a fairy tale! You know the ending!!!! Love and lots of hugs!!!!!!
Angela & Jim

Re: Congratulations!!!!

Hi sweetling! I just passed along your lovely card--I forgot to show him while he was here. (It WAS a bit crazy...)

And I think we have been writing our own fairy tale for a while now...he really is my knight...





Thank you, Miss Lin, EVERYBODY laughed at that one! I'm so glad we didn't go for a stuffy, serious wedding...this was so "us"...


Congratulations to you both, Kate and Joseph !

Thank you! It was really a lovely wedding...thanks to my wonderful family and friends, as well as to my love.


A very, very big congratulations to you both Kate...I am very happy for you and I wish you a life filled with every which happiness!!
Thank you, Ronell, you're a sweetie!
Joy creates more joy! It makes my eyes fill with happy tears to read this. The only thing better than a wedding is the wedding of two people so deeply in love. I really do think this is a fairytale beginning.

*hugs to you both*
You are such a sweetheart...thank you! We have always felt we shared a special kind of magic...
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