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September 2013



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The trouble with last minute scrambles...

...is that so many people we care about can't be WITH us that day!

The original "plan," if you can dignify it with that word, was--whenever we could get our ducks in a row, that is, which isn't easy, for us!--to have just a small ceremony at the courthouse, with a judge and a few witnesses, then celebrate with our friends and family across the country whenever we could manage it!  That's what we still hope to do, of course...my Revwar reenactor friends are sorry we're not coming east for it, my local reenactor buddies mostly have other plans that weekend, my sis wished we could marry in Nevada so she could be there, his folks wished we could do it in California.  (Neither my sis or his mom travel any more.)

So...as Joseph says, last minute or no, this is just taking care of the legalities.  It's a piece of paper with a party attached!  It was the time he discovered he could fit it into his work schedule, isn't that nuts??

My dear friends Todd and Becky will be in the Ozarks...Becky actually cried that she couldn't be with us when I told her, last weekend.  My oldest reenacting friend who got me hooked on the hobby will be at the Western Rendezvous...I'd hoped he could "give me away."  My darling friend Patti, who has seen so much with me, could have come if it were a week later!  My crazy old friend Buckman--the other 'uckman that I've known for 19 years--has chosen to attend his daughter's wedding, on the same day.  Rats! 

...so, you do what you can.  Things finally fell together, crazy though it's been!  We'll have lots of parties as we can, celebrate whenever and wherever...and be happy with us, please.


You are a darling, dear friend. And yes, I was indeed with you in spirit, what a wonderful wedding you had! I think of you with love each Winter Solstice since, as well.
and i'm cheering and waving flags and sending balloons skyward in your honor (at least figuratively) up here in the tundra. HOORAY!!!!
Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I saw them!!!
Hope you have a great day!
Thank you, I'm sure we will!


I had five people at my wedding -- I like it like that -- fewer distractions at that important moment. Very best wishes, from my heart, to both of you. (Nancy Gandhi)
I had three at my first one! My sis and her husband, and their 5 year old. That was what we were planning this time, too--judge, courthouse, my cousin and his wife, who is my oldest friend, and Joseph's daughter if she could make it from the East. Then the judge fell through and the courthouse was booked up!

My friends really wanted to put on a party for us, and had originally offered to have the wedding there, so last week we just changed everything around and said GREAT! Whew...
Ah, no need to explain. What he meant was that we feel we have truly been married--in our hearts and souls--for a long time. We are making it official now, with the legalities, but the committment has been there for a long time. Not JUST a piece of paper, true marriage is far, far more than that--this is paperwork. All the paper in the world won't keep two people together.

It's crazy how difficult it's been getting past that barrier, though! All the rules and requirements...but finally everything has fallen into place.