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September 2013



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Joseph & Kate--MY favorite

This one is my favorite, which I may have posted before...

And now we have an officiant! My sweet friend Susan came through for us, and we have a lovely retired minister who goes down to Bennett Springs, in the Ozarks--I practically grew up there!--so he MUST be all right. *g*  Beautiful country...

I talked to him on the phone yesterday, and he sounds very laid back and accepting...so we are one step closer to having things in hand!  He loaned me a book on weddings and guidelines for writing your own vows...examples of other peoples'.  We want to do that, but probably won't get to even START till Joseph gets here...

Time being so short, I'm doing an internet invitation, via E-vite (don't talk to me about "the way it's DONE"! I'm happy to have the option at this late date!) and of course I can't just use one of theirs, I have to design it so it's memorable and meaningful for US. Which has taken half a day, with all the tweaking to make sure names are spelt right and directions make sense and text colors show up against my custom background...eep.

It WOULD be too bad if you couldn't read the directions... ;-)

Meanwhile I am painting a pair of miniatures for someone else's wedding at the end of the month, and I'd best go get at it!


No, sweet, forgive me for not writing you offlist, sooner! It's on my really-wannado list, but that often gets bumped by the actually-haftado list. So I'll do it RIGHT NOW.;-)

And yes, I do know, you've been on my mind a lot. You were the Winter Solstice, and we 're aiming for close to Equinox...
after youngest daughter's wedding, i'm convinced more than ever that emily post is dead and gone for a good reason. all the old "right" ways of doing things may be correct for a small percent of the populace-but pragmatism must reign nowdays. E-vites sound perfect. and dang--anybody who objects should just loosen up. weddings happen to make the parties involved happy--not the invitees. life happens when it will. we just have to do our best to keep up with it.

"and the sun will rise,
and the moon will set,
and we learn how to settle for what we get,
it will all go on if we're here or not,
so who cares,
so what?"

they are not sad lyrics at all--but about learning that life goes on, no matter what we try to do about it. i say have a wonderful party. i'd make you the cake if i could--and since i can't, i'll just be thinking about you guys, and wishing you the best wedding ever!!!
You are such a sweetheart...thank you! And yes, you do what you can, and hope it all falls into place! It's all about the right attitude, I think--choose joy, not rules!
Thank you, Bruce--my godchild is a wonderful photographer, TOO. *G*



Kate, I've been so tied up in my life lately I missed your big news. Heartfelt congratulations from across the Atlantic! You make a beautiful couple.

Re: Congratulations!

Thank you, Casey! You're a doll...