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September 2013



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God bless the organizers of this world...

Joseph & Kate--his favorite photo, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

I am NOT one of them!

I've been stressing again about the wedding and reception/party, especially since our plan for the nice, quiet, simple wedding at the courthouse, with just my cousin and my oldest friend, fell through--the courthouse/judge are both all booked up that day! This I just found out yesterday, so I'm scrambling for someone to DO the job.

So just got in touch with my darling friend Susan, who volunteered with her mom Jytte, also a dear friend, to put on the party for us...my oldest and dearest friend (since high school!) Roberta has rounded up music, by way of my godchild Molly of the magnificent voice (as she's been called in print, The Incomparable Molly Hammer, which indeed she is!) She's also taken on coordinating food (I was just going to suggest "bring munchies, please" *rg*), and between them she and Jytte and Susan have thought of things that never entered my mind.

Cake? Flowers? (How about a bouquet of wildflowers, I'm good with that...) Photos? (I hope my beloved eldest godchild Ann, of http://annbrownphotography.com, who took THIS one!) Invitations, chairs, dishes, silver, drinks, twinkie lights...omigod. Someone else is doing this for us, while I try to deal with my class and orders and life in general! Amazing, stunning, incredible. Beloved, beloved people.

I'll be a teary puddle.

And I'll be Mrs. Joseph Ruckman.

Wow.  Life is SO good.  I get to marry my best friend...and give him the kind of love I feel I've been saving up for him my whole life long.


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Squeals with joy. I'm so happy for you! (You look so wonderful in this pic, you both do!)

*hugs you*

May it be wonderful.
Thank you, sweetie! It certainly looks as if it will be!
I'm wearing a dress he bought for me several years ago because I fell in love with it and couldn't afford it. It was actually on eBay, auctioned by a friend, MaryAnn Harris, whose husband you will recognize.*G* We both love Charles's books and it's a magical dress...

And thank you, I wish you WERE closer, that would be lovely!

Can't wait to see your watercolors, the Japanese ones are fun...
Congratulations Kate :-)
Thank you, Miss Ari! You're looking well, that's a darling icon...
and when is the day???? much happiness to you both--i have lots of leftovers from this weekend. obviously i'm not much at organizing, either. or at least, counting...
It's either the 21st or the 22nd...depends on when we can find an OFFICIANT! But the party is the 22nd, for sure!
You two are just too cute for words. You both look so excited, like you just won the lottery! In a way, you did.

I married my best friend, too. It was the single best decision of my life. It's amazing when two people find each other and join together in a mutual fan-club.

I'm so happy for you both! Don't stress out; one way or another, you'll be married. The party is just icing on the Big Cake Called Life.
I love your story! And thank you, I think he likes that photo best because of my big goofy grin!
Wait...whoa! What? Wedding? Have you been holding out on us, Kate?
Yep.*G* Playing it pretty close to the vest...and of course it IS a tad last minute...

Getting MARRIED!!!!!!!!
When did THAT happen?????????!!!!!!!


wow. :)
Well, we kept TRYING and things kept going wrong--he didn't have the right paperwork (here), I didn't have a certified copy of my birth certificate (there)(so yeah, obviously I'm way too young, siiiigh...)

It's sort of like the opportunity arose, again, and we're trying to get the duckies in a row! (Too bad they're not Peeps...)



Hi Kate;

Wow!!! What a fabulous photo of the 2 of you!!! You make a very handsome couple, too.

Congratulations to the both of you on your upcoming Wedding. That is so exciting! Hope you'll post photos from the Wedding, too!

Wishing you both Joy in each other and many years of Happiness. Congratulations!

Bonny in BC

Re: Congratulations

Thanks much, sweet thing, I'm sure I will!
oooo! That's wonderful news Kate! Hope it's a wonderful wonderful day and congratulations to you and Joseph! :)
Thank you, sweet!
Oh, how sweet!
Love that photograph.
Thank you, I do too! My godchild is very talented...they ALL are.
I am so pleased for you both! *hugs*
Many thanks, Natalie!


I thought I had missed something, but I see you have been holding out. What a joy it is to see such wonderful love. That photo is precious. My warmest congratulations!!!

Re: WOW!!

Yep, we'd tried the spontaneous approach THREE TIMES and it didn't work, so this time we're trying a little planning...it's still tricky!
Best Wishes!
You both look so happy in the photo!
Yes, many photos and details must be posted.

Marrying your best friend is the way to go...

Thank you, Madeline! It IS the way to go. I know how much I like and respect him and how much we've weathered over the years. Been friends for over 10 years now, and seen eachother through a lot of turmoil--and a lot of joy. We're good with that!
Yaayyy! You two look adorable in the photo, and very happy... which is the most important part!

Thanks, Ais! We are!
Thank you very much! And look at your gorgeous icon...want to pet the kitty!
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