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September 2013



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Cool Morning, Watkins Mill Church

Glorious weather this morning...59 when I got up! By the time I was ready to go out sketching it had warmed to 69, but in the sun out by the church it got quite a bit warmer. Still, it was quiet and peaceful and just what I needed after a stressful week--ants and all!

I turned onto the little gravel road that winds through the woods to the Watkins Mill church and school and discovered, around the first bend, a deer, dancing up the middle of the road! I stopped, and it bounded up into the woods--but not far. It seemed curious about me, stopping a few feet off the road and staring at me, swiveling those big ears to see what I might be about. I grabbed for my sketchbook and that was all it took. It turned tail and ran!

Wasn't in the mood to model today, I guess...


I love that building and area... it is so peaceful....
It is, isn't it?? Even on Labor Day weekend I was able to find a quiet place--for the most part, anyway. There were about 5 groups that came through while I was there, some of whom wanted to see what I was doing, but I'm used to that, no problem...


Gee, that sounds like a wonderfully restful morning to me!
I was interested to see that you used the graphitint pencil with watercolor. It really worked well. I love what you did with the windows. Anita.
It was, Anita! I needed it!

And thank you, about the WC pencils--I was trying something newish, using the pencils for the underdrawing and then doing a wash over, knowing it would blend the pencils somewhat. I wouldn't use my beloved Albrecht Durers there, though, because they lift TOO easily--I wanted some of the linear effect to shine through, so used a different brand. I love Graphitint's Steel Blue for drawing, with or without WC washes...


This technique works really well for journal entries - I love the half-drawing, half-painting feel to it. Looks like a lovely, sunny morning - I'm glad you shared it. It's cold and gray here right now.
Thank you! I was expecting a bit more of the drawing to show through, but oh well...

Where are you that it's cold and gray? Sounds nice, after this hot summer, here...


These atmospheric, nostalgia-inducing sketches are so lovely, Ms Kate. Your work is so delicate and so confident at the same time. A glorious achievement.
Thank you, dear Miss Laura! I was going for a different mood this time, having fun with it...
Beautiful mood... great to read all your notes about the various methods you use. :)
Thank you, I enjoy sharing the creative life!