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September 2013



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Sleeping again..., originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

The modeling has begun! About the only time he holds still enough is when he's sleeping...in this case only during the ink underdrawing and a bit of the blue shadows on his head, then I kept following him around to try to capture the nuances of his markings in colored pencil!

He fooled me again...that first day, he was SOOOO laid back, calm. Silly me. He was stressed and tired. A bit of rest and good food and he's a LIVE WIRE. (Of course he plays and runs and plays and leaps and then--flops, wherever he is. SO cute.)

You can see what hard work modeling is:

Modeling is SUCH hard work...

I wore him out! (Turnabout IS fair play...)

Finally have my computer back, and my internet connection repaired...whew! It's been frustrating. My motherboard AND CPU died, at the same time...


Is it only me that cannot see much on flickr at the moment? I cannot see this image nor many more of yours...
No, Flickr glitched for me too, a minute ago. Must be Having Issues...I had to go back to my original link.


He is SO beautiful! Between your kitty and Amanda's baby, the cuteness quotient in the world has grown exponentially!
Isn't his color and pattern gorgeous!? He's going to be a beautiful animal...

And yes, Amanda's babe is WAY cute! It's the year for babies, I think...both my new godchildren are so adorable I can't take my eyes off them!

Are you all packed, sweet Xoxa?


What a cute kitten!! He's absolutely adorable!! I can see why you're so smitten with your kitten!!! (Sorry, couldn't resist!)
He is really terribly cute, he deserves a mini-poem like that!
nice photo of model and journal...
Thank you!


really good work

really good journal entries! crisp and well done. Your style shines through. I keep a journal and love doing so. My pages aren't formatted like yours but I always admire and secretly wish they were.

Re: really good work

I love my journal, too! I don't always format my pages this much, it just seemed to work here...
I have two more models for you... :)

Check out what I found at the yard sales this weekend!
Oh Lord, I would have ended up with the whole LITTER! Adorable!