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September 2013



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Oh, my, are we uptown or what???

Soooo...he's not a mundane Siamese/tabby cross, but a Chocolate Lynx-point Siamese!  Or even more chi-chi, a "Snow Tiger" Siamese!  

See what a little poking around the web will do for you?  This is no mutt kitten, this is royalty!  (Proabably what he was trying to tell me in that last photo...

"I be PRINZ, u communur.  No disterb napz."

Check out the link: http://permescats.com/SnowTigerSiamese.aspx


Awww.. he reminds me of my siamese that I had one time. Precious little guy.

Now just wait. He's cute now. In a year he will be fat and sleeping all the time and the king of the house :-D
Rather than just a prince, eh? *G* He sleeps a lot now, but when he's awake, LOOK OUT.
I be beyootiful, uv cours
Kiss mai furry hed?

And ooooh, what a cutie on your icon! Is it a miniature doberman?


that cutie is my Lola, a black and tan chihuahua who is princess and commands belly rubs...

Re: Surtanly!

Sooo seriously cute! My neighbors have chihuahuas, but they're all the pale beige color. Love the black and tan!
I think Loki's a Silver Lynx point, if I remember what I looked up before.

And did I miss his name? :)
He may be Merlin, unless he tells me otherwise! I'm tempted with Sasquatch, bbut he WILL grow into those big feet. :-P

Well, whatever Loki is, he's gorgeous...
Oh, he looks like a Merlin! Definitely!

(Don't let Loki hear you call him gorgeous. He's vain enough already!)
He does, rather, doesn't he?

And shhhhhh, I'll be vewwy, vewwy quiet!
Or "Tigger", given your description of him!

Of course, most of my dogs have had more than one name anyway, and they all get called "Fuzzy Butt".
I used to have a Tigger! And by the way, I also used to have a cat named Fuzzbutt. Mostly I called him Fuzz...*G* And all mine have had a variety of names, yep!


I love his little nose. Cats are just the most wonderful creatures, aren't they? Well, dogs and people, too.
Most of them.
Cats, dogs, and SOME people.*G*

XO right back atcha, Miss Xoxa!
This picture makes me want a cat.
By the way, do you still post pictures of your house rehab? I mean it seems like you should be getting to the fun stuff soon, like paint color and all that...and I'd hate to miss out.
Funny you should say that! One of my young buddies saw him in person on Sunday and by Monday evening she had a kitten!

I haven't posted any rehab pics for a while, in part because it's been SO stinking hot that my handyman hasn't been able to work over there in the afternoons--the only time he has, now. I've gotten a bit done myself, but nothing that really shows--we've got LOTS of drywall to finish up and sand before the fun stuff starts happening.

I've had computer problems and haven't moved my Yahoo photos over to Flickr yet...hope to get that done soon!