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September 2013



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Excuse me. Did you say NO? To ME??

I've got your number, lady...


Ah, you can't say no to that face! He is a cutie pie, and love the photos on flickr.
A model, yes! >winkwink>
Apparently I couldn't! He's already modeling, but as a moving target!
A feline casanova? He has definitely got the looks!
YOu surely captured his mood and pinned the right caption!
(I posted 2 dawings on my lj site- do take a view!)
He does, doesn't he!

And oh, my, you do beautiful work!

on line sketching

I am really excited to start with your on line sketching class. I'd love to be in your watercolor class too but I guess I am getting updated with your posts on watercolor.

Re: on line sketching

I hope you can be patient, I have no idea when I'll be able to do that one again! What with this one being a long class, lots of people wanting one on watercolor pencil, working on more CDs, and having a book idea accepted at North Light, I am really swamped...I've learned not to take on too much at once. (I know, it doesn't sound like it!)
i am in love with his sooty little feet. i know they won't stay little forever--but i'll bet they'll always look as though he tiptoed through the garden dirt!
I'll bet they do too! His toes are just slightly lighter than his feet...and oh, he's good with the litter pan for the most part, hooray! (Doesn't quite have the covering part down before he hops off, but hey...*G*)
**giggles** At first glance, I thought this was a Cute Overload post :)
LOL! I hadn't seen those, but I LOVE this site: http://icanhascheezburger.com/
Hee! I know a four year old who seems to speak fluent LOLcats :)
I'll bet you do!