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September 2013



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New Baby is zonked...

New Baby is zonked..., originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

Oh my...a funny thing happened on my way to the library...

He IS adorable, and incredibly sweet...now that he's home and rested and free of fleas, he's discovered purring and playing, not always in that order. As soon as he sees me, he comes running...and if he forgets where I am, he starts mewling till I call him...

Siamese/tabby mix, with killer big blue eyes...

Of course I just got him as a model...that's my story and I'm sticking to it... ;-)


Congratulations!! He's adorable and looks like he will be a lovely friend! Kitten energy is so much fun! Lucky New Baby! :-)
He's going to be spoiled rotten--just like the other two!
He's a lucky catboy. And so gorgeous. You can see the smile on his face :-)
OOooh, yours is pretty! Likes the sink, eh??

And yep, my boy's a smiler...
mmm...lovely baby
Yours are pretty too! LOVE the tabbies...
I'm not even a cat person and I got all melty over him...so clearly you had to get him to keep him from being used by unscrupulous sorts as a means by which to rule the Universe..
I believe I have rescued him from that fate, yes. Now he's just going to rule US!
OOooh, yeah. Pepetual motion machine now, too!


He's adorable! Can't wait to see him develop his modelling skills!
He is at that, isn't he!? He's going to need to HOLD STILL a bit longer for me to have much luck, what a moving target!
i'm in love with your new kitty...he looks as though he will be a handful in a few weeks. what a beauty--i'll bet he will continue to be a talker, too!
Whattya mean, "in a few weeks," hon?? After a day of rest and getting over the trauma of shots and blood tests, he's a ball of fire!
OOoh, your kitty's gorgeous! And no, he's just not a BIT ornery... ;-p

So far they're cautious and hiss a bit, but no beatings have occurred. This is a GOOD thing!


This is adorable, Cathy and how it makes me miss my two cats back home..their warm bodies and their calling for attention..!
Hi Ronell! I'll bet you DO miss them, they really become a huge part of our lives...
He must be Loki's long-lost brother!
Omigosh! Looks like it! What a doll--how old is Loki?


The New Baby


The new baby is just gorgeous! Do you know the parents of such a lovely kitten. I ask because I had two that looked just like yours. One was a purebread Lynxpoint and the other a Lynxpoint Balinese. They were wonderful cats and my most favorite. In fact, the Balinese died just a few months ago and I miss her desperately. When the first Lynx point died, I became so depressed that I had to beging to take medicine. It will be curious to see this baby develope. Hope all goes well.




Re: The New Baby

Hi Frankye, no, no idea of his parents. His siblings were all vaguely Siamese looking except for one, which was a wild little tabby. Oh, my, your cats sound wonderful, I'm so sorry you lost yours. I still mourn Scout and Pooh...they were TOO YOUNG.
What a cutiepie! What's his name?
He hasn't actually told me yet. I'm beginning to think it's "NO!!" because that's what I'm sayhing to him rather often.*GG*

Looove your icon!
Congrats -- what a pretty boy!

Wish I weren't so darned allergic...