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September 2013



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So what WOULD you take with you, if you had to evacuate?

At Rest, originally uploaded by graphicartepsi. From my summer 2007 journal...

Funny, I think about that on occasion...it helps me to know what's important to me, among the material aspects of my world. (Naturally I'd want to save my sweetheart and my animals first!)

Sometimes, it's been necessary to think along these lines--when we've moved, when we might lose everything, when we were so broke we thought we might have to take to the road in a bread truck, when the tornado warnings sound, when I smell smoke--so I know pretty much what's really most important to me.

My sketchbook/journals are at the top of the list, after the sentient beings.

Goodbye again--Scoutie 

This picture is both--a journal entry and my Scout, whom I lost last fall... I used to take her to the basement in case of tornados...

Then a few of the paintings I've done that mean a lot to me--portraits, mostly, naturally, of people and of the cats I've shared my life with. I've dragged this one to the basement with me more than once...

Nights in Faerie

All the art supplies I could manage, of course--but at least one good set of watercolors, a couple of mechanical pencils, an ink pen, and my favorite 4 brushes--a big round one, like a #12, a medium and a small round, and a 3/4" flat. (If I can take more, then the 1" flat, too.*G*)

So, just say my field kit, mostly that stuff is in there, along with my credit card and checkbook.That's what I take to the basement when the tornado sirens go off! :-)

Mini-messenger bag

The wonderful old natural bristle hairbrush my love gave to me, and a wide-toothed faux tortoise shell comb I've had since I was a little hippie chick.  (Long hair DOES need special goodies!)

Two of the kitchen knives I don't want to keep house without--one chef's knife, one thin-bladed butcher knife, both old, neither stainless. They sharpen well--who needs a Cuisinart or blender?!

My broom. So laugh, already, I am NOT talking about the one I fly off on! They don't make 'em like this any more, I don't think--it's kind of shaped like a push broom and it's got nylon bristles haired at the end. Works as a broom and a dustmop, and it's QUIET. I don't have carpets and I don't like vacuum cleaners...

My feather pillow and down comforter, for winter, and the oh so wonderful all-cotton sheets for summer.

My maple pennywhistle in C, and the ebony and sterling key of D one...must have music... 

There are a few very special books I'd want to take--a couple my love gave me, my mom's Bible, Hannah Hinchman's A Life in Hand; Creating the Illuminated Journal...but mostly the library will have to go.  There's just too much.

And of course when the sirens sound, it's cats, field kit, journal, and MAYBE a painting!

Of course I'd like to take my computer, my camera, my scanner, but we're getting out of hand here. The above list is my basic of basics...

...what's yours? (Dang, did I just make a MEME??)



I remember that incredibly gorgeous shadow in the Scout painting---and how much I loved and was moved by the whole thing. And your sketch of J sleeping is one of my absolute faves, too. I would grab the family photos and my sketchbooks and journals after I'd made sure that Pearl Kitty and Abby were taken care of.
Hello Miss Xoxa! If I had time for a more leisurely pack, I expect I'd go for the photos, too--they're just so all OVER the place, here!

And thank you, those two are two of my very favorite sketches too--that was the 5-10% of the time that the angels guide my hand, I think!
Great drawing! They look different when they sleep, don't they?

Oh, let's see... the old family fiddle; my knitting (so I'd have something to DO and wouldn't go nuts); my favorite mug. I have a new knife that I think is going to become a favorite (I made the sheath & am very pleased with the results).

The other stuff is obvious, like my laptop, a good blanket, etc., but it's not quite so personal.
Ooooh, I forgot about teh knife and sheath I made. Yes, that too...

I'll bet you would need that fiddle! It's a treasure...I guess I'd want my grandfather's magifying glass, too...

And thank you, yes, I love the sleeping drawings--I've done a lot of those. He's beautiful.


Hi kate, great thoughts and one we should probably think of more often. Okay, I'm with the sketchkits, journals, my reference books (all of them?) and a few things that I really treasure, like my quilts (I'm not losing all that work!), andn most definitely my laptop.

Thanks for throwing this out for thought.

Hi Teri! Well, it's helped me to focus for a lot of years--I do it occasionally to kind of take stock.

And if I had handmade quilts, they'd have been on my list too!


What I'd Take

Like you, after those I love, and after composing such a list for use during hurricane season, I'd take my grandchildren's journals that I've created, photographs!!!!!, important papers, my sketch journals, computer files, books and articles I've written, workshop outlines I've done, and as much computer gear as I could along with art supplies!!!!


Re: What I'd Take

Hi Miss Lin! Oh, yes, those journals of your grands is a MUST.

Funny how the list adjust with the scenario we imagine--in hurricane season it's not so imaginary, there!

Here, tornados are much quicker and allow a lot less preparation time. Usually we know if conditions exist that would make one possible, or if they've occurred in the area, so at that point I put the cat carrier, the field kit, and the journal by the basement door. If I hear sirens, I grab kitties and run, if it really looks bad...


I definitely wouldn't leave this hunky guy behind!
Don't plan to. Marrying him next month!*G*


If an earthquake hits, we've no warning and would just be getting ourselves in as safe a place as possible. In fire season, we do have warning (usually!) and having been through a few voluntary evacuations, I pack pets, photo box, photo albums, computer hard drive, clothing and toiletries, purse (which has debit and credit cards), and great-grandpa's longrifle. We keep our important papers and other valuables in a fireproof safe and my most treasured family heirloom is my piano, which would be lost.
I guess an earthquake is pretty much like a tornado...you need to move FAST. (We had a little tremor this morning--I'm not all that far from the New Madrid fault...)

Even faster with an earthquake, though, at least we have an idea of weather conditions...

Guess I'd want some clothes too, eh? *G*

Probably just my .45 - so I could be reasonably certain that I'd get the rest of my stuff back once the emergency was over...
Tsk. Cynic.


What would I take?

Photos. I'm new to art journals so I don't have too many yet.
The book I keep of all the books I've read.
The 'Johnism Book' - the funny things my husband has said or done over the years.
Our computer back up drive if there's time.
As many quilts as I could grab.
The container of important papers and the address book.
Keys and wallet.
The scrapbook my Mom made me (I better find it so I could take it).
I'm assuming unlimited time here...

Re: What would I take?

I was thinking of several different scenarios, so sure, you've got time, find that album! I love the idea of the Johnism Book, your husband must be a keeper!


I think about this a lot too

>> ...what's yours? (Dang, did I just make a MEME??)

LOL Yes, you did, but I think it is a question we should all actively review in case of emergency. As a mother, I think I probably have an escape scenario for every possible emergency situation.

Everything can be replaced but my family. I would grab my 6 year old daughter first and make sure everyone else was able to function and get out. If I had time I would snag my 160GB external hard drive and my fire safe.

I am buying a small fire safe that holds hanging file folders to keep my originals and important documents in; social security cards, birth certificates, licenses, etc. It would house my finished journals as well; once my collection grows I will move the journals to a bin that I can grab on the fly if I have to. Most of my work is scanned though so, while I would desperately miss my originals, I would have my hard drive with copies of everything on it.

So, in summary: child, family, external hard drive. LOL

Ria :)
aka Renmeleon.com

Re: I think about this a lot too

Sounds like excellent priorities to me, Ria!
First I'd assemble the family and pets. Then:

The flash drive with art,photos and copies of documents and essential numbers.

The family silver (it's OLD), my two small pillows I sleep with, prescriptions, the antiue clock and pocket watch and some jewelry (not just valable $ wise, but stuff with a personal history).

The bag I keep as my central art supplies place, and try yo keep stocked and put away.

A book list and some books and my paper journals.

I've thought a lot about this but never wrote it out.

my laptop if possible
"I've thought a lot about this but never wrote it out."

You know, I write it down periodically because I think it helps keep me focused...I realize I really don't need all that much stuff...

Thank you for sharing!
I feel the need to apologize for the spelling that I have
consistently messed up in everything I did tonight I can
only plead ectreme drowsiness.:)
Been there! And actually I didn't even notice...
Sorry to not share the items yet...I'd need to think about it. But I wanted say how stunned I was when I saw the drawing of your dear little calico as she looks exactly like my little Fiona in the drawing. Same exact markings and posture. I LOVE the way you painted her soft rainbow cast shadow. What a wonderful painting to preserve her memory. And your drawing of your sweetie is so beautifully sensual. Wonderful!
Hi Jana, and thank you! She was a very special little animal, and I still miss her a lot. How funny that Fiona is marked the same! I always thought Scout had the beginnings of a checkerboard on her back...

I was happy with that one of J., thank you! I'm often frustrated, but that one was OH KAY.*G*

I'll look forward to seeing your list!
Hi Kate. I just registered with livejournal so I could leave a message. I love your blog, your paintings and posts like this. thanks for sharing so much.
Also love the cat shadow. how the warm reflected light spills so elegantly into the shadow.

Well Dee, I'm flattered! Thank you! I always enjoy your blog a lot, too
( http://deefarnsworth.blogspot.com/ for those who haven't visited). Your
fig painting is stunning...and I envy the life drawing class. I SO wish
there were a way to do that in this little town...we keep talking about it, but so far haven't found a venue or models!