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September 2013



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This week's art tip...

...will be delayed, siiigh.  My computer's still in the shop, my new one's not done, and my mailing list macros are all on my hard drive there--can't send anything till I get them back.  

Meanwhile I'm using webmail instead of Outlook Express and I don't like it!  If you forget and hit "check mail" while composing a post, it is just GONE.  If you want to check your mail, you need to hit save to draft first in which case your post disappears to the draft file, and you have to go chasing after it!  If you hit Control-S, it may save it but God only knows where...

So.  Looking forward to my Own Stuff again!




I sent you a flickr mail but i think it's quite unlike you not to reply...I was thinking you might have missed it.
I will be keeping watch of all your art tips... By the way, just curious, what's the mask and rehabbing?

Re: mail

I don't think I got it, sorry! Unless it was the day my computer died--it stayed on long enough to download 77 messages and then just went away. I couldn't read them, and they were already off my server, so no way to access them, either.

Though as swamped as I am with the new class, I sure COULD miss one. (It's 2:44 am and I have insomnia, so I'm up reading my messages...)

And the rehabbing icon is because my sweetie bought the house next door to me and it's a WRECK. Lots of work...


it was a long message that said i admire you and your work...
as for rehabbing... i am a "rehab person" and thought I might be able to help.
i also viewed some of your sketches while waiting for your ophthalmologist and I sort of sympathize with your waiting...only i am at the other end, oftentimes skipping a meal just to accomodate all the people who patiently wait.

Re: hi

What's your ID on Flickr? After your post I went there to look, and I haven't been getting my mail from Flickr, there were several. I think it's gotten hung up in my ISP's spam filter--going to write him today.

What kind of rehab do you do? PT?

Re: hi

i am ilaw at flickr...a mother, a physiatrist by profession and a trying-hard,wanna-be artist. i took interest in sketching only this year when the children have grown a bit more independent and found some extra time for some personal excitement...like painting, gardening, and some community work.

Re: hi

I thought that must be you! When I get time today I'll have to go back and read my lost messages, in depth. I just skimmed, in the middle of the night.

Good for you, taking up art now...I believe it is deeply healing, and lets us enter a different dimension. And thank you for your offer of help, sometimes I DO feel that we must have been slightly unbalanced to have taken on that rehab job!*g* (It was a former drug house, with teenage boys and their girls in residence--things got very hairy over there, and the house was trashed. We're taking it back to the studs, and ripped out the unbelievably horrible bathroom...not a job for the faint of heart!)
Don't worry much about getting back that note... sometimes life is like that.
Good luck with your house rehab... I am sure you can transform it completely with your sweetie around.
There's a lot of love surrounding you...no doubt about that....that keeps you inspired and blooming all the time!
I am trying to get into your online sketching class...will post one of my first pencil sketches at flicker...and kindly comment on the heliconia. thanks a lot.