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September 2013



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Farmers Market (journal spread)

I'm developing a Saturday morning farmers market habit. These peppers remind me of how, when we lived on our little farm in the 70s, I'd often paint what I picked from the garden--either before or after canning! One of my clearest memories was shelling a great GOB of peas into an enamel colander--it was so gorgeous, with the pale green peas against that white and blue, that I had to paint them...and before I could finish one of my cats knocked the colander over into the grass! (Much cursing and picking peas from grass and grass from peas, you can be sure!  Darn cats...)

Another favorite was of the rows of canned tomatoes on my old, ornate kitchen woodstove--I wish I had a photo of that one, somewhere...

I think that's one reason I love my journals so--they preserve these memories in a visual way, and I'm an extremely visual person...

The peppers were simply too gorgeous NOT to paint!  (Now I need to eat them before they get all puckered like an old prune...)



Love those peppers!

Your colors are always so clean and bright! I love the way you capture the simple magic of daily moments in your life. AND it's in a sketch book! I'm fairly accomplished as a painter, but sketch books intimidate me! There! I've said it outloud!

I've been peeking at your web site trying to decide which book/CD would best serve me to develop the painting skills I see in your sketchbooks. Do you have any suggestions for me?


Re: Love those peppers!

Thank you, Laure! I've been doing that for something like 35 years, and I have the pile of sketchbooks to show for it! Do you have any idea why sketchbooks intimidate you and painting doesn't? A lot of people are just the opposite...

If you're interested in watercolor, my Watercolor Basics CD covers a lot, as does my North Light First Steps book, Painting Watercolors. Lots of people seem to like my Sierra Club Guide to Painting in Nature, which covers a lot of different mediums, and its predessesor, Sierra Club Guide to Skteching in Nature--lots of the sketching techniques I use are in there.

Guess that's not a lot of help, I didn't narrow it down much, did I!


Re: Love those peppers!

Hmmm, it's all those glorious, pristine white pages with nothing messing them up! Can you tell I'm a (recovering) perfectionist?!! I know it's just suppose to be for me, but it still intimidates me. I do paint with watercolors and that's what I'd like to do on those white pages so they're not white any more!!

Again, thanks for the inspiration to try and any suggestions you can make!


Re: Love those peppers!

"Can you tell I'm a (recovering) perfectionist?!!"

LOL! YES. Well, sometimes they are a tad daunting...a friend sent me a beautiful handmade journal after my surgery last year and it was SO gorgeous it took me a while to "deface" it.*G*

A lot of people splash color onto the blank pages and then deal with the results later--check out the Fun section of http:/rozworks.com ! (Roz is the one who sent me the journal, by the way--incredible work...) That gets you over the Blank White Page Syndrome...
Those peppers are gorgeous. I love the way the things you paint transform reality into something so magical and beautiful that I wish I could live on the pages of your journal. *sigh* Beautiful.
Well, hi, sweet thing! It's delightful to hear from you as always--you're such a doll. And MOOOCHAS gracias...I really like peppers, a lot, visually as well as gastronomically!


That spread is so beautiful, it makes me teary. I'm a Saturday farmers' market girl myself. I count that morning each week as one of highlights of life. And then there's the week of eating that follows. Your journals must be such a treat to see in person, Miss Kate.
Thank you, sweetie! I knew you did the farmers' market thing because of your gorgeous sketches...though we don't have flowers at ours, I wish we did!

And when you come, I'll be happy to share them! I don't scan everything...some's a bit intimate, and some entries I'm just not taking time to scan. And what the heck, as long as I keep doing The Artist's Journal CDs, I don't want to give them all away.*G*


Me too, like everybody else above...I love your peppers, they have all the freshness and beauty you get only from wonderful fresh produce...Nad a lovely entry in your journal.
Just a quick thank you also for the birthday wishes and for filling me in on the caterpillars here in SC - that was VERY enlightening to me and I now understand why I could see worms and not spiders when I had a close up look, I even wondered what had gone wrong with the food chain!
Thank you, Ronell! They're now cooking in my rattatouille!

And you're welcome, for the birthday wishes AND the caterpiller info. There are several kinds that do that, mostly tent caterpillars. I can see a big web of them from my front porch...so I guess the links of the food chain are still intact!