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September 2013



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Breakfast at the Park

Breakfast spread, photo, originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

It was FINALLY nice enough to go out and paint this morning, and so I did! Packed a hardboiled egg, some white grapes, and coffee along with my backpack of painting equipment and my journal and hit the road...

There was a lovely breeze, and it felt wonderful to be out...I liked the repeated browns of the tree, the feather, and the hackberry butterfly.

These little butterflies like salt--you don't normally see them on a flower, they much prefer salty sweat or other minerals (they sometimes form a CLOUD over scat!)  One year we camped at the mill, and there had been such an incredible hatch of them that you could hear them battering softly against our tent.  It was all moving shadows, from the inside looking out...



That feather is awesome. Maybe some day I'll be able to do that...
Thank you, Casey, I know you will if you want to! It's really more a matter of observation, in a detail study like this...
we were camped at a state dam site in missouri during a massive hatch of the butterflies. they were everywhere--in the van, the camper, our faces, our hair--and when they land on one's hand or arm and go for the salt, they hurt! it felt like little mosquito bites, not a bit like "butterfly kisses"! they were amazing and annoying--but how do you get mad at a butterfly??!?? we loved it.
Yep, I'll bet they were hackberries! Little brown guys?

THis one tickled more than it hurt, but you're right, who can be mad at butterlies!?

(Actually apparently some people can! I was walking at the lake one day and this mother and her daughter were walking the path in the other direction. The mother was FURIOUS, the butterflies had been driving her nuts...but her little girl and I exchanged delighted smiles...we knew it was just magic!)
yup. they were the ones! they were everywhere, by the thousands. it was some of the best fun i'd ever had. most of them are so skittish that it was a delight to have these little guys intruding and questing everywhere. and when we were exploring the area, we got to see a little green snake swimming across that huge reservoir. we were in swimming at the beach, and in his way, so he kept coming toward us, and we gave him right-of-way. i never tracked down what kind of snake it was, but it was really interesting to watch, and he was a brilliant new-growth grass green. wish i'd had the presence of mind to sketch him...oh, well. maybe next time.
Sounds like a wonderful time! I really love hackberry butterflies for just that reason, it IS magic and it just doesn't seem to happen with other species.

Your snake sounds so cute...I like snakes, for the most part! Wish you'd sketched him too!