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September 2013



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Freesias (or not!)

Freesias, originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

I love freesias...every once in a while I have to buy myself a feed-the-soul bouquet. This was the first one in a long time, gotten for the color and the fresh scent as much as the wonderful, loose, graceful shapes.

The MAIN bouquet is in the living room, but this sinuous Art Nouveau spray is by my bed, on an antique trunk.

Note: actually, one of my Flickr friends reminded me that this is NOT freesia, and of course now I remember their growing pattern, which is quite different...oh well!




These are sheer delicious delight!! BEAUTIFUL! AND even a bit sensuous! LOVE THEM!!

Thank you, sweetie! I really enjoyed the loose, graceful shapes...wish the scan was better, but I'm delighted to just be able to post again!
I was delighted for the chance to DO it, thanks!
I saw this at Flickr... great work and color range. I admire anyone with the patience for watercolor. ;)
I thought I chose it because I was IMpatient!

I love your icon, did you draw the squirrel!

WHOA!! Tell me it really did just blink at me, or I'm going nuts...
I saw it wink and blink as well! ;-p
thanks...glad you like it. :) One of my earlier drawings with some animation.

I guess the watercolor is quite immediate, depending on one's technique. The few times I've tried it the colors and control have always gotten away from me, and I left it alone as a medium.
It just takes a bit of patience--allowing washes to dry before adding new ones and so forth.

And the drawing is delightful, in and of itself. WIth the animation, it's magic!
By the way, most consumer-level scanners have a "hot spot", usually towards the center, while the corners drop off into shadow. It can be a pain sometimes with larger work.
I'm sure that's true! This one is just not quite as large as my 9 x 12 watercolor block, so I get shadows at the edges because they're not touching the glass, too...



Feed-the-soul bouquets (from the grocery store, usually) are one of my many strategies to survive winter.
Lovely painting!
Jeanette m of l

Re: freesias

Oh, absolutely, and I get them much more frequently in the winter! Though I've always been fairly good at practical things like vegetables, I'm not much good at growing flowers, so even in summer I have to indulge from time to time...


Hi, I am getting to be a great big fan of yours... i just love flowing lines and subtle colours...

Re: freesias

Thank you! I did the under-drawing for this one really quickly, I think that's what contributed to the flowing appearance...