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September 2013



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August 4 Music

August 4 Music, originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

This past weekend was the next-to-last weekend of live music at our museum...this was especially wonderful, since I've known some of these guys for 30 years and hadn't heard them play in almost that long. I loved hearing them again, and sharing memories.

Martin, here shown with his banjo, still remembered that my husband, a jazz musician once upon a time, had paid them a compliment, one musician to another. Isn't it lovely what lives beyond us?


A lovely and sensitive line drawing. I especially like the attentive tilts of their heads.
I didn't remember that Harrison was a jazz musician. My dh was one too, once upon a time. A drummer. He still loves to hear jazz, it will always be a part of him.
Thanks, girl! Just Harris, though...and yep, played sax, or so they tell me. He'd quit by the time we married, and I never heard him play a note. I was always really sorry about that--bought him 2 saxes, a flute, and a keyboard in our 32 years and he never played ONE of them.
"Isn't it lovely what lives beyond us?" Oh yes, what a lovely thought.

As always, I am amazed at the detail and character you capture in so few lines. You always inspire me.

My husband has started playing guitar again after almost 20yrs. He put it aside when he got into computers and that took up all his free time. He needed to do something personal and fulfilling and went back to music not quite a year ago. It is wonderful to hear him practicing, I never tire of it.
Joseph plays guitar again, too...we've had some lovely times singing together. I'm glad your husband picked it up again!

(And thank you for the kind words, as always!)


I just love the rhythm of forms you've set up in this frieze of musicians. My eye moves from the far left guitar strap, across arms, skimming hands, along the necks of instruments, and up and out of the picture space with the graceful aid of bass and banjo. A wonderful visual journey.
Thanks, sweetie! It must have been sheer serendipity, I just kept adding them as I could...roughly how they were standing, sometimes...*G*