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September 2013



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Life's lovely balance scales...

Fishing River Fawn

I ran to the grocery store to get a few items before they closed, and although it's hot and humid, drove home the long way, through the beautiful little park that borders the Fishing River that runs through my town.  The park is beautiful, green, and incredibly serene, just two blocks from a small state highway--it's now a Missouri Natural Area. 

And about halfway through the green tunnel of leaves, I was SO ticked to discover that someone had dumped a pile of old tires, right by the road in the middle of the park!

I pulled over and parked, got out my cell phone and called the police.  I just do NOT understand people like this.  Yes, it's hard to dispose of old tires.  It'll cost you all of $1.25 each to take them out to Beacon Tire Service to be disposed of.  The kind of person who would dump them in one of the prettiest places in town just makes me furious.  (It's well I didn't catch them at it, I wouldn't be responsible for what I'd say, and with some of these Neanderthals, fiery rhetoric is just not a great idea....)

Anyway, I was still fuming when I started up the car and drove on...and just around the curve discovered a doe and her two fawns picking their way daintily across the road, heading toward the river for a drink.  If I hadn't stopped to report the tires, I might have missed seeing them altogether. 

I stopped and drank in the sight...and they gawked right back at me, bobbing their heads up and down on those impossibly slender necks.  The little fawns are still well-spotted, long-legged with a kind of coltish grace that never fails to touch me...

Funny, I let go my fury and just drank in the moment, the lovely, tender, graceful, magical moment.

Still hope they catch the jerks that dumped tires in the park, though...


This entry would make a great "Letter to the Editor" to your local paper! ;-p
Ha. It might inspire the tire-dumpers to go deer hunting in the park!
Ah yes. Good point! :(


I'm so glad you called the police! I feel the same way you do about that kind of Neanderthaish behavior. Heck, Neanderthals were probably better stewards of the environment!
Your little fawn is so tentative and vulnerable and adorable---what a lovely sketch, full of understanding.

You know, sweet, I'm sure they were! They had a handle on the fact that their survival depended on it. We seem to think we're invulnerable!

And thank you, they were a heartbreakingly lovely sight, all warm goldentan coats against that rich summer green...
This sketch is so lovely and fresh, almost as if you did it right there on the spot. You caught the moment very well. It is a little worrisome seeing such young fawns so late in the summer, wondering if they will make it through the winter to come.
I'll admit I was frustrated! I didn't have anything to draw on--I'd just made a very quick run to the little mom-and-pop grocery store 2 blocks from here, and figured I'd be back in 5. I drew it as soon as I got home!
I love stories like that (the serendipity of seeing the deer, not the tires!). And I hate people who dump junk instead of getting rid of it properly, especially in a park!
Yes, I'm more or less used to people dumping along the country roads around here--I get really ticked, but I can almost understand it, since we have no town dump and you have to drive miles, preferably with a pickup truck, and pay to dump. I know some people just can't. Mind you, it still really cranks me, but you know, I can ALMOST understand.

Dumping in the most beautiful spot in town, a public park there for us to enjoy? I want to beat them senseless, except it's a bit late for that.

Thank God I saw the deer and stopped to observe them, I'd have still be raving, hours later.*G*