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September 2013



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Two new journals...

Two new journals..., originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

Here are the covers for the two new journals I finished up today...one is mine (on the bottom) and one is a gift for a friend. Both are sampler journals with several kinds of watercolor paper plus black, cream, and tan...should be fun!

Note:  Whee, she was delighted! (I've made a few for J., too--it does make a nice gift...)

I like to put tactile bits on the front so I can tell which end to start from if I pick it up in a hurry!  These are polymer ornaments I made a couple of years ago...I've been saving them.  Other views are in my Flickr album--just click on the image and that will open up...

I'm learning, bit by bit--should make notes of my mistakes inside the cover, like I did on my first journal!  I forget that paper stretches, so although I'd cut the endpapers so they should have fit correctly, on mine they come too close to the edge of the book...and I still need to learn how NOT to be so messy!




I came here from Flickr. Your journals are beautiful! I really like how you did the end papers.
Molly Jean Henson

Re: journal

Thank you, Molly! The endpapers are where I have room to improve (among other places!) but I'm getting there. I loved this paper though, it was fun!
very nice!
Thank you! I really love using papers I enjoy, and I just wasn't finding what I wanted, commercially...
Beautiful journals, both of them! I like the innovative endpapers, too

Thanks, girlfriend! Those were fun papers. I also bought a rather rococo, overblown, perhaps even Victorian paper in black on deep rose...chickened out on that one.*G*


Great Journals

Those are great, Kate! Looks like a neat idea for watercolor journal.
Are they hard to make? What book(s) did you use to learn how to do it?
You can email me directly if you want.

Re: Great Journals

Hi Donn--I like Aldren Watson's Hand Bookbinding; a Manual of Instruction, a Dover book, and the new one, Creating Books & Boxes, by Benjamin D. Rinehart--that one because Roz Stendahl recommended it as close to the techniques she uses, and I've had one of her gorgeous journals--a gift after last year's surgery!

They're not really hard, just a bit tedious, the way I do it--there are lots of techniques, some quite "quick-and-dirty"--you don't have to hardbind a book, I just like them that way. I still make lots of mistakes, so I'd say doing it really WELL is hard, but mine work and do what I want them to, so I'm not complaining!
Those are gorgeous!
Thank you! I'm learning...