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September 2013



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Mountain Music

Mountain Music, originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

Originally I only had the line drawing of the musicians from the sketchcrawl last month, but it was too much blank space in a rapidly depleted journal. I added the Virginia landscape last night...I thought they went together pretty well!

I'm looking forward to this month's sketchcrawl, as always the second Saturday of the month. I actually made fliers to put out at Olde English Garden Shoppe, Scandinavian Country, and Gallery 105. Not that it wasn't lovely last month, but I WAS the only one there...*rg*



I want to come to your sketchcrawl!!! I've never done one before...unfortunately I'm pretty sure 'brasky is a little far from where you live...
Oh, probably it's too long a drive, fooey! We're near Kansas City, Missouri...
These DO go together well! I really like this. To bad we are in different states, I would love to do the sketchcrawl. I have tried to organize a drawing group here, or to find a sketch buddy, to no avail. Which part of Missouri are you in?

I've got one regular sketchcrawl buddy, Christiana, but last time she had to go to a family reunion. I hope she can go this time! I wish you could come too, Roma!
Beautiful landscape sketch!
Thank you! That's really a beautiful area...


you know i'd be there in a hearbeat if i could! but right now, even if ilived in your back yard, i'd have to be getting this wedding thing taken care of. that's the duty for the day--more weddingstuff. (her fiance hasn't printed the invites, yet--they should have been out two weeks ago. *sigh* you know how these "artistic types" can be! snarksnarksnark)
Understood! Weddings take precedence, especially ones with snafus!
that was me, btw--i'd not signed in, yet. bad abbie!
Oh, thanks girlfriend! I was trying to figure out who I knew that was involved with weddings right now.*G*