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September 2013



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Touching base with my Minneapolis friends...

...one of whom wrote me to tell me she and her husband were both all right after the bridge collapse yesterday--he had just driven across it.

Please let me know you're OK, as soon as you can? 


We're okay here. But so sad today, mixed with grateful feelings for being alive.

It's just awful.
Oh thank God. I was scared for your mom. I know she must be terribly busy, as a nurse, with the aftermath; I wrote her an email but don't expect to hear till things calm down a little.

My nephew had driven across the bridge/overpass that collapsed in the San Francisco earthquake just moments before, and I know that shaky grateful anguished feeling. I am so sorry for all who were not so fortunate.
Thank you for your concern. It's so nice to have online connections who care about us. We were all so busy making phone calls last night, taking stock of everyone, family and friends.

Mom called me first. I was relieved to hear she was okay too. She tends to work later than 6 PM anyway (when it happened) but better safe than sorry.

I drive that route every day to and from work. Thankfully, I passed over it about an hour before the collapse. It's a very eerie sensation to know the bridge is gone.

I was thinking about that San Francisco overpass after I heard about the bridge collapse here. It really shakes my entire idea of "safe" daily travel.
Your mom's become a special friend, both on LJ and off--so yes, I'm very relieved, and that you're OK too. Isn't that an odd feeling, to have been there such a short time before? I felt a little of that when we had a tornado in my town, in the area I'd been a couple of hours before...and when the house next door to mine burned to the ground. So close...

I guess nothing is really safe; makes me want to remember to be grateful for every passing moment.

When you get a chance, tell Marilyn I'm relieved! Can't do without Abbie!
"When you get a chance, tell Marilyn I'm relieved! Can't do without Abbie!"
Same here, please?
Definitely, from you both! I will let her know as soon as possible.

I don't know what any of us would do without her. She's a catalyst and support for so many of us, friends and relatives. I know she appreciates the concern and care. :)
Her humor and strength in spite of all are an inspiration! What a delightful person...