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September 2013



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House rescue project report...

Whewf!  Things have been a bit slower since Mark got a job as maintenance engineer at the new Oaks Apartments--he works there in the mornings (or as long as they need him) then tries to do errands and work on his own stuff--i.e., the house rescue project and his other clients.  So not a lot to take pictures of--more drywall, more drywall mudding...

I'm learning to do the mudding myself, though--I like taking a hand.  I guess I should say RE-learning, since I did it when we built my cabin back in the eighties, but it's like riding the proverbial bicycle I think.  I'm getting it back fairly quickly--and face it, it's not all that hard, just tedious!

The above photo is the old chimney we discovered in the kitchen when we pulled off the lath and plaster--it stuck out beyond the wall studs and doesn't go through the roof any more, but obviously they had a wood stove in the kitchen at one time.  Wish we could have saved it, but like the other two chimneys, the mortar is just powder. 

Soooo...it's coming out, so we can change the closet n the soon-to-be bathroom on the other side of this wall.  Since there's no way to access it from the top, I had to start removing bricks more or less from the middle over the weekend.  Tricky!  When one hit my knuckles I decided Mark was right, let him do it. :-) 

He said "you just like the experience, don't you!"   Yep.  I do.

Today I went over early, picked up the bricks I'd pulled out and got them out of the house, finished the preliminary mudding in the parlor/gallery and did a little more in the kitchen, took out a huge bag of trash, gathered more chiminea wood scraps, and shoveled up more lath-and-plaster debris--I thought we were DONE with that!!  <:-(

We've got lots of little bits that need finishing before we can actually finish a ROOM--both the bedroom and the library offer the only access to the space above the later addition which houses the new bathroom and the kitchen, and it needs more insulation.  The only way to do that is to blow it in, and might as well finish the wiring in the new bathroom first.  So, that, then insulate, then we can finish the drywall in the library and bedroom. 

In the living room/gallery, we can't finish the drywall till we get the mail slot in and the wiring finished--the breaker box is in that room.  We're also changing out the front door, and it's a different size from the ones the previous owners installed (and then trashed.  Go figure.)  So need to do that before finishing the drywall, too...

In the parlor/gallery, I need to strip the windows, UGH.  Why they painted just the windows and not the trim or baseboard, I can't imagine, but I'm duly grateful!  It's old latex paint over oil base and you can almost pull off the latex in long strips.  Someone started stripping it, so it looks like alligator skin.  I hate paint stripping...<;-(  

And same deal with the front door in there...I hope we can find matching vintage ones, like the ones the previous owners removed, they were GORGEOUS.  I'll settle for ones like my house, though, which are merely charming and fitting with the architecture of the place...of course they're original to the house. Can't believe the original doors next door are gone, mutter, mutter, grmph...

So lots of little stuff to see to before we can call even one room done...good thing there's not a huge deadline!  J. won't be moving here till after he retires next year...

Off to a good hot shower...


Thank you, sweetie, I'm surprised at the numbers of people who tell me that! (I mean that the love the updates...watching people work IS fun!) And I wish you were closer too, but hey, then we'd go do lunch!
Me too!!
I love your icon! And yeah, I'm sure he probably does.*GG*
still good though. >;-)
We'll take all the help we can get!
No kidding! Dubois said he wished he could help--ME TOO!*G*
I wish you were too! Lots of decisions that it would be so much easier to make if you could SEE things...so we just try to apply logic (shudder!) and hope you can tell enough from the photos.

But hey, if you were here, how much time do you think we'd spend over there working...?*wg*
since you cannot save the hidden chimney, you could save the bricks, and make a little "hidden chimney" patio! like a secret garden, sorta. with bushes around it.
Hi Mei! I hope you're well, hadn't heard from you for a while and I was just thinking about you the other day, when I looked at the beautiful pin you made!

We are indeed saving as many of the bricks as we can...lots of them are broken or almost powdery, too, but there will be enough we can do SOMEthing with them--maybe even a hearth for a woodstove with a new, safe chimney!
Or a garden path, or a flower bed, or... :)

Glad you're saving them where possible, though! I love old bricks.
I know we'll think of something...not sure they'd do well outdoors with all the thawing and freezing, but we'll see. They're really mellow in color, with nice patina...