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September 2013



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Desperation gourmet...

Oh, my.  Desperate times may lead to desperate measures, but in this case it paid off!

Trying to eat mostly lean meats on my diet, and bought a package of lean, trimmed pork chops.  Well, I cooked two yesterday, and as often happens with lean pork chops they were pretty tasteless.  Ick.

So today I finally got the ingredients for the Herbes de Provence when I found summer savory, and made up the recipe...

* 1 tsp dried thyme
* 1 tsp ground rosemary
* 1 tsp summer savory
* 1/2 tsp lavender (optional but traditional)
* 1 tsp marjoram
* 1 tsp dried basil
* 1/2 tsp dried sage
* 1/2 tsp dried oregano

Then I had decided to finish off the last two ounces of cheap, fairly undrinkable vodka in the bottle so I could throw it away...decided to use it as a marinade, with orange juice and garlic...are we beginning to get a taste here?

Marinated the pork chops most of the afternoon, then heated canola oil and put them into the pan, beginning to brown them slightly, but I didn't want to waste the marinade so I poured it into the pan too, and sprinkled the chops with the herb mixture and a little sea salt.

Oh, my.  The vodka ignited till it was burned off, making kind of Pork Chops Flambe' de Provence, and then I made a reduction sauce of the rest of the OJ and liquid and herbs and garlic, which I spooned over the chops.... 

Who CARES if the pork chops were tasteless, the sauce made up for all of it.  LUSCIOUS....

Gotta make this for my sweetie!


Oooh, thanks for the recipe!
You're welcome! It was yummy!


pork chops

I'm right there with you on the lean protein diet thing....what a drag! Because of my work schedule, packaged turkey lunchmeat is the easiest thing for me to eat, but someone please stop me if I start to gobble. I got a great laugh from your igniting recipe! If I come up with any diet-worthy protein dishes, I'll share. Mistress of L

Re: pork chops

Actually I don't mind the diet at all, just the pork chops when they're flavorless. I LOVE the diet! You're right, I'm eating a lot of turkey now (turkey breast being the highest in protein), but also lots of fish and some chicken. I'm fine with lean beef, too, but I'm looking for buffalo because it has more flavor. Shrimp is very high protein, too, hooray! I like the fake crab meat with a seafood sauce, too...

Thanks for the recipe offer, I'll be here!
"Who CARES if the pork chops were tasteless, the sauce made up for all of it. LUSCIOUS..."

You've discovered the secret of French cuisine, my dear... *G*
And marinades, don't forget marinades! I've got the wild-caught sole fillets marinating in OJ, garlic, onion, and soy sauce. YUM dinner!

And hey, if that's the secret, no WONDER people rave, sweetie!
i'm with you on the protein as well. i do so much better when i stick with simple foods, lots of veggies, and lean protein. with the youngest's wedding approaching, i didn't want to cater/mother of the bride/florist looking like a water buffalo. i started back on the straight and narrow a few months ago, and am down 48 lbs, so far. i am in love with low fat cottage cheese and raw zucchini. and just plain meat/seafood. they are the best. and i think i have my brain convinced that i really don't need popcorn as a fourth food group, any more!
I'm feeling quite a bit better, and so is Joseph...this is GOOD. I still need to control my peanut craving or keep them AWAY from me while I'm reading, 'cause I don't even notice I'm still eating them...*rg*

DOWN 48 LBS?? Holy cow, girl, good for you! If ONLY. Being short, with my round pink cheeks, silver hair, braid, and face it, big boobs, I look like one of Rein Poortvleit's gnome women. All I need is a tall, pointed red hat...
i was starting to look like one of those huge, shadowy trolls....it was time! all i lacked was the tail...
poortvleit is one of my favorites--as a swede, i totally buy into the gnome culture--but his wildlife paintings are exquisite! he has been a book purchase/guilty pleasure for many years.
Here too! I LOVE how he handles his mediums. I own several of his books...wish I could find Farmyard, was it? (Good grief, Amazon only shows ONE of his books, and it unavailable! What up with THAT?!?)
i'll bet that they are out of print, and dthe people who own them are not about to part with thheir copy, money or not!!! i'm keeping mine!
I'm hanging onto mine, too!
*Snort!* Well, I'll bet you weren't, but good on you for putting on the brakes, anyway. I decided I like my body and I like living in it, why not ACT like I do and take better care of it??