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September 2013



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That man of mine...

The View from Martin's, originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

...I can hardly believe my good fortune--or as he would say, OUR good fortune, to have somehow found eachother, across half a continent. When I went to see him in June, we ended up staying close to home because of his back, and I had time to sketch frequently...

He'd saved me this lovely thistle, and one day while I waited for him in a parking lot that had no view, unlike the view from Martin's at the top of the page, I sketched it, adding touches of colored pencil later. I hated to leave it in Virginia--thistles mean something special to both of us, and he knows that--but couldn't figure out how to pack it and get home with it--thistles are notoriously prickly.

This morning as I sat on the front porch back in Missouri, the mail came, and in it a heavy tube of PVC pipe, sealed tightly at both ends. I'm expecting orders from Amazon and my art supplier, but I couldn't imagine what this could be...I took it first and saw it was from him. Couldn't wait to open it...

...yes, he had sent me my thistle, carefully wrapped and protected by the heavy plastic tube...

I teared up. He gives the best gifts...gifts of himself, not gold or diamonds but something far more precious.


yup. you need to keep him....
That is the plan, 'tis indeed.
I teared up reading your post, I have a man like that too, I'm so glad to know that there are 2 of them in the world. But then that is the kind of partner YOU deserve with your kind heart and your bright light that shines on all of us who are lucky enough to know you a little bit if only online.
Thank you--I'm delighted you have one like this, too! Your posts are always special...they reflect your good-hearted nature.


Isn't he wonderful??? I haven't met him (yet), but I've been getting to know him through YOUR story and I think I can give my 100% approval ;D. He'd have to be amazing to be good enough to deserve you!
He is indeed! Oh yes.

XOXO right back to you, sweet Xoxa!



Cara, I tear up with you -- such a thoughtful, heartfelt gift ... and you BOTH are so fortunate to have one another ... what a gift .. truly!


Re: Kate

Isn't it marvelous? He is one in 20 million...and thank you, sweet thing!