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September 2013



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wildly domestic day...and the new old diet...

So, today I went to the grocery store and stocked up on goodies for my diet...stunned at how affordable wild-caught salmon and tuna were!  Soooo...why wasn't I doing this before, rather than eating farm-raised, fed God-knows-what stuff? 

Between my foray into the Hammer's garden to harvest some of the stuff ripening while they're gone and my grocery shopping, I will have NO excuse not to be ridiculously healthy. ;-)

I picked most of the ripe tomatoes, far more than I could eat, and froze quarts of them after sharing some with friends.  Just blanched, peeled, and chopped them for use this winter...it will be SO nice to have tomatoes with some flavor to them...

I'm delighted and relieved my sweetie's doctor visit went well...katesloverhas been a longtime Atkins dieter who'd slipped into the common temptation of too much fat and too many processed meats like hot dogs, pepperoni, bacon, and such.  Since I went back on the Paleo diet (lean--mostly--meat, fresh fruits and veggies) and needed support, he went on it with me, BLESS the man.  His cholesterol was elevated, a bit, and the bad cholesterol, too, but this diet should help--he just started on it less than a week ago.  We should BOTH feel better...I'm so happy to have him in my corner.

Though as I said this is not exactly a hardship...oh dear, fresh juicy peaches, crisp, tart apples, fresh tomatoes, onions from the garden, organic spinach, dear me. 

It's not cheap, normally, but feeling better, having more energy (which we both do, already), and hopefully fewer health problems to equal fewer doctor visits should more than balance it out...



Oh, good luck, sweet Kate (and Joseph) with the new regime! I often wish I had you here to pamper you with my LSO cooking---local, seasonal, organic, that is. I know you're a very good cook, but I also know from my own history how careless you/one can be about preparing meals when living alone. I vote for fewer doctor visits, fresher food, and more energy!
Btw, you're right. The gold dress was for a St. Cecilia's Ball!
Thank you, dear heart! Joseph has said a couple of times that he feels less down already, and today he was off work and felt all energetic when he got up, dived right into straightening up the BASEMENT and cleaning the KITCHEN. Wow...

I can tell I have more energy, too, so that is lovely!

And yes, I had gotten very careless with my eating...it was easier to grab a handful of Triscuits and some cream cheese and call it dinner. I like local, seasonal, and organic! I hope I can get out to our new farmers' market tomorrow morning...I want fresh cantaloupe!

I've cut out dairy products and grains, but not missing them yet, after almost 2 weeks. And I'm delighted to find salmon so inexpensively priced! My goodness, a huge fillet of wild-caught salmon for $7.00?? It's enough for 3 meals, for me, at least...

The only bad thing with all this fresh stuff and cooking good meals is that my poor stove was a mess, today! I cleaned it, and washed the dishes, but that was as far as I got toward cleaning MY kitchen! ;-)
And what a hoot, about the dress! I KNEW it had to be a costume!


Not exactly a costume, but a formal ball. I guess in those days, those occasions called for conservative dressing ;D.
I wonder if it might have been a masked ball! It's a gorgeous gown, anyway, whatever the occasion, and beautifully depicted...
Sounds delicious! I need to get back to eating better... We've just started getting some big tomatoes out of the garden, and they're SOOOO good. Have gotten a few cukes. The beans seem to be petering out, though. I wish I'd planted zucchini this year, but we've gotten some from friends, and it's been nice.
It was indeed! And yeah, as I've been paying more attention, I've been wondering about you--SO MUCH has wheat or corn in it, hidden in some way or another. Must be really difficult to keep track!
Well, I just really can't eat processed foods. Makes it hard to visit other people and/or eat out, but it's doable.

What I really do NOT need to be doing is eating brown rice flour pancakes with honey for breakfast (as I did this morning).
Yep, Joseph and I were just saying that avoiding processed foods would make life a lot simpler. I might have figured the faux crab was processed, but I'm surprised about the deli turkey, with wheat, sugar, salt added...fooey! (Or maybe it was just the "crab" that had wheat...)

I'm just avoiding grains period...keeps it simple.
Yeah, processed deli meats are a real problem for me! On the other hand, prosciutto is usually fine. I just wish they'd make salami without dextrose (from corn), darn it!

We have found some sausage at the grocery store that has no gluten, corn syrup or dextrose in it. That's nice.

Speaking of gardens, I just put two gallon-sized bags of tomatoes in the freezer. Yay! The big tomatoes are beginning to come ripe. (We've been getting cherry tomatoes for weeks now.) I didn't bother to peel or de-seed them, but I'll do that when I thaw them this fall for sauce.
oooh, GALLONS of tomatoes! WOW. I froze three quarts from when I was taking care of the Hammers' garden and figured I was really doing something...I did peel them, though. Yeck...

What kind of sausage? That would be nice!
I figured I'd just fish out the peels and seeds when I thaw them :)

The local grocery store is carrying brats and andouille sausage, yum! I like slicing up the andouille and chicken thighs and cooking them together with some vegetables. Adds a lot of flavor to the chicken.