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September 2013



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The Goodbye Squirrel

The Goodbye Squirrel, originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

This little fellow was acting strangely, not scolding or chattering, not doing more than peering at me around the base of the tree. I checked on him several times, but he never responded as wild things should...I wondered if my cousins had hand fed him, but that's not really their character, and it seemed unlikely.

I painted the watercolor of the colorful birdhouse in my journal, stopping to check on the quiet little squirrel several times until finally I got caught up in my work.

When I looked again, he had died as quietly as he had observed me, lying down beneath the fern where I sketched him, and departing. It was a strange feeling to have been in the presence of death, apparently natural, and silent.



Oh, this is so sad, Cathy!! You did such a sensitive painting of him though...
Thank you, Ronell...I was glad I took the opportunity to sketch him when it presented itself...
Oh, so sad, but definitely unusual to witness in nature or so I would think.
Your watercolor of him peaking out from behind the tree is precious.
Yes, it is unusual! An apparently natural, quiet death is something that usually happens out of sight. Thanks for the kind words! I'm really glad I took time to do a quick pencil sketch or two--I added the color later...


You caught this little fellows last moments wonderfully. We had the exact same thing happen with a hedgehog earlier this summer, so sad but natures way I guess.
Isn't it an odd feeling? I've seen a lot of things die, but I only remember two other completely natural deaths in my long lifetime!

And yes, it is nature's way--


It's silly, but this post just made me tear up - well said, and beautifully painted. Thanks Kate - Casey
There's nothing silly about it, Casey, just shows you have a tender heart...which I knew.