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September 2013



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You know, I have GOT to wonder...

...why I didn't get that cat fixed.  She's never going to go outdoors, she's never going to have kittens, but hope springs eternal.  She woke me three times last night, begging for sex.  Not gonna happen.  Ever.  But she demanded it so loudly, so vehemently, it was actually funny. 

Not at 1 am, of course.  Nor 3.  Or now.

She--and her beloved, deceased sister Scoutie--were the first cats I ever had that I didn't have fixed in a timely manner.  Scout was a bit frail and I adored her and was afraid to take the chance with the operation.  So...why oh why didn't I have RAGS fixed?  Scout is gone, dammit, and after almost a year I still miss her, and Rags is here, hale and healthy and yelling at the top of her voice.

I am a nut case.

(And incidentally, last night I dreamed I found a beautiful long-haired kitten at my friend Susan's house--it was like changeable silk, tortoise shell one minute, black the next.  I had to take it home, really I did...)

(I do SO want a kitten again, it's been ten years since Scout and Rags were little.)

(I repeat, I am a nut case.)


Boy, if you were not so far away I would have the perfect kitten for you, he wandered onto my porch half starved, I took him in and fattened him up and I am now looking for a home for him.... he LOVES to paint, goes crazy when I get my paints out.... he cries until I give him some pans of paint and a paper to play on with them... I would say he is into abstract art, and his color choices are lovely
LOL!!! Well, not sure I'd appreciate the "help." He sounds like a real character, though--isn't it funny how different they all are??
he was trying to kill a balloon yesterday, and let's just say, I have never seen such a small cat jump 4 feet straight up in the air before..... and do a double back flip. hehehehehe

I used to laugh when mine would get into the styrofoam peanuts, especially the longhaired cats...
Wow, 10 yrs of cats being in heat? Anyone would be nuts too. Our Bumble kitty went into heat w/in 2 wks of our "taking her to find her a home" when the local video store owner was going to take her to the pound. (Right before Christmas but that's another rant.) I was afraid the owner would just drop her out somewhere!

Oh my, but how she would back up toward us and scream for us to do something! It wasn't possible to touch her to pet w/out her hind end raising up. I told her that even if I had the equipment I wouldn't be servicing her! Poor thing, she was miserable and Gizmo (neutered male) had a mating instinct but couldn't... er, follow through - don't know which cat was more frustrated! Bumble was fixed after only being in heat twice - we couldn't take it, nor could the male kitties.

Here's hoping Rag's will have a short heat. Sleep well, when you can sleep.
Take care, Dee
Thank you, Dee! She's sound asleep NOW, of course...*rg*

Rags doesn't seem quite that intense, I can still pet her and pick her up without too much craziness...
And ten years from now you'll just be wanting another one... *G*
You mean kittens are like Chinese food, only slower??

And yes, you're probably right, sweet...
Yeah - and they're not just for breakfast anymore! *GG*
Good, the fur gets in your teeth...


No you're not -- there's something so comforting, appealing, and just plan FUN watching those kittens ... their antics, the way they learn, the way you can hold them (for oh, such a woefully short time) in the palm of your hand, just furr and warmth and the scent of newness ... nutcase .. never!

lin who wants a kitten too but who isn't home enough to even have fish!
THANK YOU, sweet Lin. They really do melt my heart.

And Scout and Ragsie were born the summer my husband died, they were such wonderful therapy, getting me out of myself. I HAD to take care of them, and oh they made me laugh through my tears!

My grown kitties make me laugh, too, but not as much as kittens...thank God I don't cry as much now!