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September 2013



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More on the new Watercolor II class...

Here's the email I've just completed to send to
interested people...let me know if there's any more info you need!


Thank you for your interest in my new Watercolor II class!

The Basics:

The class will officially start on Sunday, August 12.

We will plan on 8 weeks, with the classes based on my North Light book,
Creating Textures in Watercolor.  If you already have this one, great, if
not you can get it from me, new (and autographed however you like), here:
http://www.cathyjohnson.info/books.html, from Amazon or Borders, from North
Light, or wherever you like.

We'll use the book as a text, but I will offer and overview and lesson plans
as well as homework for each class session.  As always, we'll have feedback
and support both from me and from fellow students--the latter has proven
very beneficial!

Cost for the class will be $60.  I'm not using a PayPal button on the site
this time, but if you would, just go to PayPal, use this email
(graphicart@epsi.net ) and fill in "services" where PayPal asks what it's

If you prefer a check or money order, send it addressed to me at PO Box 321,
Excelsior Springs, MO 64024.

For now, we will meet on my Yahoo watercolor site, here:
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/watercolor_online/  Please go sign up, if you
haven't already, and do make sure I know which email address you are using
there when you pay!  Registration can get VERY confusing otherwise.

(Eventually classes will be held on my own website, but since we haven't
ironed out all the technical issues yet, we'll go with this one for now...)

Once you're a member on the site, you'll find much of the necessary
information available to you.  The Files and Links sections have been
updated--you can find a LIST OF SUPPLIES and a file on how the classes work
there, and a great deal of other information that I hope you will find

(For those who are looking for the real basics, you may be interested in my
newest CD, Watercolor Basics, available here:
http://www.cafepress.com/cathy_johnson or on my website, the same link as
above for the book.)

This class will cover a few of the basics, but we will encourage you to jump
right in to playing with pigments and effects...sometimes that's the best
way to learn!  (For you old hands, it is ALWAYS good to play and experiment
to learn more about your chosen medium...)

I've taught online for several years now, and have had students from the US
as well as the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Denmark, Sweden,
Brazil, the Caribbean, Mexico and more...it's a wonderful artists' melting

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask, and I'll get to
them as quickly as I can!

Kate (Cathy Johnson)  graphicart@epsi.net

Original Art:  http://members.ebay.com/aboutme/cathyjohnsonart
Artists' CDs & More:  http://www.cafepress.com/cathy_johnson/
Art & Tutorials:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/25146557@N00/
Artist's Blog:  http://katequicksilvr.livejournal.com/



drawing class?

Kate, I've been waiting for some time for you to start a drawing class, but now I see that you are doing a watercolor II class. Any status on when you might do a drawing class? Thanks, John (johnby13@msn.com)

Re: drawing class?

Hi John! Yes, I'm sorry, I did intend to so the drawing class first, as soon as I got the new site up and running. That hasn't happened yet, due to a number of factors, and my alumni list talked me into taking on this other direction. It seemed simpler at the time...

I do hope to do a drawing class as soon as this one is in the can...

Re: drawing class?

I'd like to do a drawing class as well and may wait and do that first.

Gosh I am awful at decisions!
I am quite interested in doing this but I can never guarantee to be well for any period of time. I guess what I am saying is that I want to do it but cannot commit this far ahead to being well enough. I have no idea how to cope with that dilemma.
Hi Natalie...I understand just what you mean, and I'm sorry! You're welcome to do whatever you feel like...I'd be delighted to have you.
Heh - me again. I meant to ask - how much is this course time sensitive and/or deadlines and assignments based? Is it at all pass/fail?
Ooops, thought I answered this! No, it's not pass/fail. People get out of it what they're able to put into it, and I always recognize that we all have lives...
Thank you but is it time based - e.g. deadlines and assignments? ;-p
Ah...well, yes and no. I do offer exercises and homework every week, but it's up to people to do them or not. Some don't, for whatever reason.
Ah, cool. Let me know when you do the drawing course, please? ;-p
Are you on my announcement list? That's where I'll let people know first!
I don't know. I am on your tips list, though...
Yep, same thing. Good, I'll be announcing there when I have time!

Further thoughts

I do not draw often enough. To be blatantly honest it has been weeks.

I paint even less often. I think that a drawing/sketching class would be a better idea, at least initially.

I cannot remember who it was that offered to art-buddy with me but maybe I should see if I still have the email.

I spend more time reading emails and blogs about other people's artwork than doing any myself.

I worry that I have done what I always do - bought all the art materials (or any hobby's materials) and then run out of steam. I know that I do seem to have an all-or-nothing personality...

I don't know what I am asking here - probably asking for suggestions - do you do mentoring? Less structured tutoring? Nagging? ;-p

Re: Further thoughts

if that was you, holler again, please!


Re: Further thoughts

LOL! Hi, Natalie! Well, at present I haven't done any mentoring outside of the class, the alumni group, the Flickr groups and the Everyday Matters group. My time is usually seriously crunched, and I spend way too much time online...I'll have to give this some consideration...

I'm thinking you might just need to start a little at a time--you've got the new tools, but don't be intimidated by them. USE 'em!

Re: Further thoughts

You are probably right. What does not help is the bad place that I am in right now, mentally...

Thanks for your thoughts, anyway!

Re: Further thoughts

I'm sure it doesn't...can you just start small, in a non-threatening way, with no expectations? Just give yourself permission to play a little, like a reward or respite from the problems?

Re: Further thoughts

Last night I copied a comic-style bee from someone's LJ userpic and then doodled my old bunny-doodle that I used to draw so often as a kid - as you say - small steps! ;-p

Re: Further thoughts

Hey, good for you, Natalie! And I'll bet you enjoyed it, too!