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September 2013



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Creating Textures in Watercolor--new class forming!

As you may know, I have an alumni group for my students past and present on Yahoo, a truly wonderful group of people who have all become good friends, and they've been encouraging me to try something new. Many of them have taken both the drawing and the watercolor classes, some more than once, and they're anxious to keep learning together!

So I'm following their repeated suggestion to use one of my own books as a text, and work through it--with expanded lesson plans, assignments, and feedback and support, both from me and from other students (that's been wonderfully helpful.)

They've chosen my Creating Textures in Watercolor book from North Light, as it covers a lot and has been very popular--it's in its third or fourth printing, I think, and has been translated into several languages.

Here's the cover of the current edition--but if you want to take the class you can use the earlier editions if you already have it--they didn't change it, other than the cover.

The book goes beyond just textures to cover many of the basics. It is still in print and available from me, from many of the art suppliers, from Amazon or Borders, and from the used market. (Of course if you get one from me, I will be happy to autograph it however you like, but it doesn't matter where you get it or if you already own it!)

If you are interested in taking the class, please contact me at graphicart@epsi.net for full particulars. It will run $60 for the 8-week (give or take) class...and I use PayPal at the email address here or kate@cathyjohnson.info, whichever you prefer, just be sure to tell me what the payment is for!

We'll start in about 3 weeks--I'll let you know the exact date very soon.

Thanks, all--my waiting list has been VERY patient!


Dear Cathy,
I only realised when I saw your post today the the art book I "splurged" on the other night was one of yours!
I would love to take your next class if there are still spots available.
Can you tell me how you run the classes? I think i read you run them online, I am in australia, will I need to be online at certain times?
I look forward to your response.
Kind regards
Jen hook
janice.hook at gmail.com (sorry I tried to email but it bounced!)
Hi Jen--no, you don't have to be online at specific times, it's an email list you can write to at any time. I respond when I read your post...

There are plenty of spots available and you'll be most welcome!

This is kind of a new approach for me, but I'm planning to have people use my book, as noted (that's the new part!), and I'll write an overview and lesson plan each week, and give homework. You'll do the work and post your results online for feedback--so far it's worked really well for my students in the US and abroad--I've had students in Australia, New Zealand, India, Germany, England, Italy and more...

I'll look forward to hearing from you! You can pay via PayPal at my graphicart@epsi.net address if you decide to take the class!


watercolor class

I am trying to sign up for a class but I keep being directed to a site that is not your.


Re: watercolor class

Hi Chris! That's odd, what URL are you using?

At present we'll have our discussion on my regular Watercolor Online site, here http://groups.yahoo.com/group/watercolor_online/ If you still have problems, let me know your email address and I'll send you a direct invitation. My email is graphicart at epsi.net