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September 2013



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I'm back on the food-wagon again...

...trying to eat like a human being!  For me, that's sort of close to the Paleo-diet, with lots of relatively lean meat (some fat), fresh veggies, and fruits.  I'm allergic to nuts, so that's out, darn it.

Starting to feel REALLY GOOD again, which I always do on this diet--no idea why I go off it.  It makes sense to me, but the important thing is how good I feel.

Tonight's shrimp (90% protein, who knew?!) was accompanied by roasted veggies, mixed green salad with fresh muchrooms, peppers, radishes and squash dressed with olive oil, lemon juice and lemon pepper, and a delicious seafood sauce.  The sauce was SO good I'm sharing the recipe, such as it is (I don't measure...)

Fresh seafood sauce:

a couple of dollops of ketchup
squeeze of lemon
sprinkle of garlic powder (of course fresh crushed garlic would be GREAT...)
and a good-sized spoonful of horseradish--in this case, CRANBERRY horseradish that someone gave me.

Oh, my.  Good. 

Unfortunately I decided to go back on my diet a couple of days after I'd stocked up at the grocery store last week...so cleaned out the pantry and gave the dry stuff and canned goods to the Good Samaritan Center's food pantry, and the frozen stuff and copious amounts of cheese to my friends Kev and Sonya across the street.  It was really hard to give away the pizza, but ya know?  When you decide to do it it's best to just DO it.


Thanks for that recipe for seafood sauce! I'm filing it away for when we're living where we can get very fresh lobster and crabmeat and all that seafoody stuff!

(I love cranberry horseradish, btw. It's amazing stuff!)
LOL! Well, not like I live at the shore.*G* Frozen shrimp is not like fresh, and fake crab isn't like REAL crab, but it's goooood. (And who knew shrimp was so high protein!? 90%?? YEAH!)

I love the cranberry stuff, too--and cranberry mustard, oh my...
Well, I'll bet that your seafood is fresher than what I can usually find here.

In the summer, even refrigerated trucks struggle to keep things cold here in sultry Texas. And then there's the traffic, and how long the aforementioned trucks sit in the sun, waiting for the cars to inch forward before they reach their destinations.

But... 90% protein in shrimp? Wow! What a great excuse for all kinds of yummy dining! *grin*
REALLY! I thought in Texas you'd have the benefit of the Gulf for fishies, etc.!

I think they fly at least some of this in, so yes, it's probably fairly fresh, and I KNOW it's luscious!

Don't you love that tidbit about shrimp's protein content?? Let's hear it for research! It's second only to turkey breast at 94%. I have one of those in my freezer, too...
By the way, thank you for the lovely link in your blog at http://www.aisling.net/blog.htm! I've got your main web page linked at right, but I think you need an easy tab at link http://www.aisling.net/ to get people to your blog! I love it...