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September 2013



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I love my life!

It's been a pretty decent day, all around, with a fair amount accomplished, but this evening capped it!  My friend and veterinarian, Pete Rucker, who is a wildlife rehabilitator as I've mentioned here before, invited me to come out and shoot photos of the baby raccoons again...they're almost ready to return to the wild, and it was great to get to shoot them again! 

Except for the smallest one, who is still shy, the others are getting much bolder...I had to watch my toes.  Guess wearing sandals wasn't the brightest thing.  It's sad to say, but the conservation agent got nipped by a couple of them the other day, and the only thing to do was destroy them and test for rabies.  That made EVERYONE feel lousy, so Pete warned me to watch myself, and I did, carefully.  Still I got the chance to shoot a LOT of pictures, and even sketch a wee bit till the rain started.

It was lovely to find that he also had the care of two little fawns--I don't know why people WILL assume that if they see a fawn and not its mother, it's been abandoned.  All too many well-meaning humans "adopt" the appealing little mammals and then turn them over to someone like Pete to raise.  Unless the baby is badly infected by ticks, you can fairly well assume that the mother is nearby--for some reason they believe that if they have ticks that the mother probably has abandoned them, or been killed.

So one of his babies really did need a home, and the other probably did not.  Oddly that was the one that is much more wary around people, much more easily spooked.

In any case I got to photograph, sketch, and pet a fawn and it was a lovely experience...

My friend Nancy and the fawn