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September 2013



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New House Rescue Photos

We're getting a lot done on the house, but haven't taken too many more photos--Yahoo Photos are closing, and I need to move the album, which is up to almost 300 pictures--the limit in a single album.  I've deleted some near-duplicates, so I can share new ones, but it's getting down the the wire!

The new photos are here, on the last page: http://new.photos.yahoo.com/graphicartepsi/album/576460762396605717

This is the inside of the bedroom closet--I'm removing wallpaper so I can see how much of the original plaster we might be able to save.  (My closet here needs this done, too.  Ugh...)

kateslover wasn't able to do much, yet, with his back messed up, and he was frustrated!  Pleased by all the progress, though...it's going to be wonderful!


At some angles that almost looks like a couple embracing...
So it does! I hadn't noticed--guess I'm too close to it...
Do you think you'll move to flickr?
If I can figure out how, Natalie! I don't want to use the same Flickr ID because all the hundreds of photos would completely swamp my artwork, and that's mainly what I use my current Flickr for. It would certainly be easiest, if I can figure it out, though--Yahoo says I can do that, but so far haven't figured out how. They said it worked from the Flickr end, but when I went there and made a new ID I couldn't access my Yahoo photos under the ID I've used on both. Siiiigh!
I don't know how Yahoo are doing it - are they giving you the capability to move all your photos to a flickr account (your new/second one)? Otherwise you could just upload them all again from your backups (do I assume too much?! ;-p) to the new flickr account from your computer. Did yahoo not tell you in the email/message that they sent you about them closing down photos how to do it? Alternatively, maybe try firing off a support/help email to them asking for simple instructions.

I did hear a friend talking about moving her photos to flickr from yahoo and that yahoo 'gave them the facility/method' but I am afraid that I did not take it in because it was not too relevant to me. I really should pay more attention to stuff in case it *becomes* relevant! ;-p
Yes, they're offering to do the moving for you. Easiest to the Flickr account since they own it, but there are several other options they offer as well.

There are instructions, more or less, but what I tried didn't work because of the need for a new Yahoo/Flickr ID so as not to swamp my current Flickr album. The old Yahoo account then didn't recognize my new ID. Bah!

I've written them a couple of times, but at Yahoo, not Flickr. The last I had time to mess with it, they said it needed to be done from the Flickr end. When I get time I'll give it another shot!*G*