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September 2013



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Deviled eggs...

...that really should go to the devil!  UGH.  Normally I make really good ones, as in I can't resist them.  Made the mistake of promising to make some for Joseph, then trying to include things I knew he liked in his instead of things I normally put in mine...

Um...I'm thinking the English mustard must have been too old.  Or I'm not used to red pepper in them.  Or the "Best Choice" pickle relish really, really isn't the best choice.  Or something.

Trying to redeem them by adding extra mayo and more pickle relish just made them soupy.  Oh joy...

They're somewhere between vaguely edible and nasty, but pretty much resistible by any measure...siiiigh.  That'll teach me to promise him something special! *rg*


They're just fine, babe. Well, they do need paprika... *GG*
Smart aleck! Didn't I ask you if you wanted to go to the store for it? Yes I did! But maybe it's the difference in our taste buds...I still HAVE some, whereas you've burned yours own with pipe tobacco and Crystal Hot Sauce on everything but ice cream.

Oh wait, I think you've put it there too...*G*
totally off topic..second post in a row i've read with a reference to deviled eggs...
I hope theirs tasted better!*G*


You've got a wealth of really special things to offer him ;D. Just not devilled eggs. That's a pretty easy thing to let go of, right sweet Kate?
Well, thank goodness for that, Miss Xoxa! *GG* And of course you were right...(and as it happened, he liked them fine...)
Speaking of hot stuff, my mom just called me and asked if horseradish greens are edible. Yes, they are, as it turns out (I googled it), though it hadn't occurred to me to try to eat them. The sites I found did warn that they are quite pungent tasting.

Could be worth a try, though...
Sounds interesting, anyway!