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September 2013



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Well THAT had to hurt...

I was in the bedroom when I heard a THUMP in the other room--came out to see what one of the kits had knocked off, and instead found the tall mirror that leans against the wall in the back hall had been knocked against the basement door...by a VERY large blacksnake, which was now trapped by the edge of the mirror's frame.

POOR thing!  I couldn't very well leave it like that, so I got the broom handle and nudged the upper edge of the mirror out away from the door to free the snake...it slithered off and hid behind the mirror, buzzing.  (Blacksnakes buzz a bit, not just sure how--it definitely was not a poisonous snake, too long and slender, too dark, and didn't have an arrow-shaped head.)

Anyway, I thought maybe I could open the basement door so it could go down there...unfortunately all that did was let the mirror fall face down on the floor.  Hope the bad luck goes to the snake's account, I've had about enough!

At any rate it found the opening under the back door (old houses!) and went out probably the same way it came in, leaving me to clean up the broken glass...

Ah the life of a naturalist!  I would have sketched it, but couldn't stand to leave it trapped like that...


They hit their tails against things to make that sound. :)

Nice of you to free it--I'm sure if it sticks around you won't have any mice! I'm surprised the kitties weren't interested!
Is that what he was doing? I couldn't see him under the mirror! Unfortunately I DO have mice, you'd think between him and the cats I wouldn't have the problem, eh??
Hm. Not really as cuddly as a possum.
How did I KNOW you'd say that!?*GGG*
You ain't one o' them there psychical chickies, is ya?
Must be that Celtic prescience, my sweetie says!


Yikes, Miss Kate! Even though I know black snakes are good people, i'd still freak out if I saw one in my house. (May the capricious and spiteful gods not read this and respond.) Your blood pressure HAD to be a tad elevated throughout this episode---don't tell me it wasn't ;D.
Well, sweetie, this isn't the first one I've seen in the hosue, so no real freaking. If it had been in my BED, maybe...*G*

I just wondered how to get it OUT most efficiently!

poor snakeything! youngest daughter has a northern pine snake (albino) that will shake it's tail to mimic a rattler. it's convincing, because she curls up and pulls back, as if to strike. and she will strike, if she's frightened enough--but it's an empty exercise. i startled her once when i was feeding her--and she was more terrified than i was!

you are truly a decent person/naturalist to facilitate that survival. i hate to see random elimination of wildlife. (except the spiders in my house...)
I don't squish spiders either, unless they're brown recluse. I LIKE jumping spiders...had a friendly one, once. (I started to say a pet, but they're not, of course--I'm pretty sure the idea would be offensive to them!)

Snakes are fun to watch, aren't they? How many daughters do you have?
got three of 'em! youngest and middle are artists (shigella is my middle kiddle), and oldest one has three sons. they're almost as much fun as jumping spiders!
LOL! Maybe MORE...*G*

I guess Shigella's the only one I "know" isn't she?
yup--she's the only one with an "eljay" presence. her "leetle seestor" has been one of her models, a few times, so her face/figure has gone by. they are all fun--the middle and youngest are truly a trip, in the best sense of the word.
Sounds like my godchildren! WONDERFUL people, I enjoy being with all of them.
Dang! Ya shoulda kept him - black snakes are delicious! (Seriously - they taste like frog's legs only with a lot more meat on em!)
Yebbit you know darn well I am a happily hypocritical carnivore! I'm great with eating meat, but I'm going to have to let someone else dispatch it for me...I don't even go fishing any more!
Poor thing!

I'm feeling guilty because I found a small (2 ft?) black snake dead the other week, caught tangled in the bird netting I have over the strawberry/blueberry bed. That's been the only casualty of the netting, though, so it's been a success overall in keeping the bunnies and birds from eating all the berries.

So, the chimney's gone... Does the house have another fireplace, or was that the only one? I wish we'd planned a place to put in a wood stove or something when we had our house built, but we didn't, alas.