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September 2013



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More new rehab pics...

...in the Yahoo "House Rescue 101" album,

This is page 3, and the new ones are at the bottom...

A lot of these recent photos are to help Joseph make decisions about where plugs and fixtures and appliances will go...not so much big showy progress photos (or horror shots!) as mundane decision-making time.  But HOORAY, he'll be here this evening, and we can make decisions together, on the spot!  Can't wait...

Yahoo's closing their photo albums service to concentrate on Flickr, but I don't want to put all my Yahoo stuff in my current Flickr account--it would swamp the artwork!  So, trying to make a new Flickr account and get things moved over, unless I try Photobucket or Picasa or some such.  Anyway, uploading today's photos, I discovered Yahoo albums can only have 300 pictures.  ACK.  Didn't want to make a brand new album at this point, so I just deleted some boring or duplicate photos till I can get things sorted out. 

AFTER my sweetie's visit, probably!


i actually have photobucket too and an old site that we've had for years for the kids and myself to post photos on..but now we all have our individual places to post..so i am taking stuff off and deleting it..it means all of our past LJ pix etc will disappear. I'll just have to update my LJ book before that.(cos there's no way im going to replace them..altho..every so often i meet someone who has actually gone back and read my journal from the beginning..weird)
LJ Book? What's that?
Lj book is a place online that takes your LJ and puts it in PDF form, photos and all. You can print it out if you want..or put it on a cd..which is what i've done. Doesnt take long at all..Yours would be lovely..go here:

Thanks, I'll have to look into it when I have more time!