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September 2013



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Strasburg Library

Strasburg Library, originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.  The top building is the Boy Scouts' headquarters in another tiny Virginia town.

I wish our library were this cute! It used to be almost that charming, an old brick Carnegie Library, but the library outgrew it sometime in the 70s--after that it was our police station (also outgrown), the Good Samaritan Center (likewise) and now a liquor store. With neon signs in the windows. The historic preservationists are Not Amused--can't say I blame them, I can think of better looks for it!

This is how it looks now...can't see the neon, though.

Libraries are such magical places...full of information and entertainment, all shepherded over by people who are anxious to HELP you.  It's wonderful...and free...


I love that watercolour..i once lived in a house very similar!
LOTS of charm!!
hey--my neighborhood is almost as much fun as yours--we just had a young sandhill crane run down our street! i think he lost his mama...neighbor called the local game preserve, to see if we can keep him off the freeway, a mile away.
Oh, cool! I had a fox run down my street once, and wild turkeys flew right over my head as I stood on my deck not long ago. J. has had deer bed down in his small urban garden!


Libraries ARE such special places...I know how you feel about your town's. Where I live, they are trying to raise money to build a new one to replace the old, charming building they are outgrowing...I saw the architect's sketch...it was all mustard colored aluminum siding and modern looking. A nightmare. Libraries should be old and cozy, I think.
Our new one is not charming, either (though at least it's brick.) Still, lots of entertainment and education, and wonderfully helpful people...computers, comfortable seating, special programs...neat!



Hi Kate -- Earlier today I was reading some comments by Garrison Keillor that are reminiscent of yours concerning libraries. (garrisonkeillor.com) It's the article near the bottom right hand side, June 19th, "The Old Scout."- Barbara


Re: Libraries

Thanks for the heads up, Barbara, I'll have to check it out! Libraries really are wondrous places...I need to go to mine this morning!