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September 2013



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Treacherous Teardrop--I forgot to post this...

Treacherous Teardrop, originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

Though of course it wasn't really the teardrop that caused the problem, it was trying to lift the tongue and turning it around to hook up to the truck and slipping on the mossy, damp wooden ramp of the toolshed that caused Joseph's back problem. He slipped and fell, hard.

It's finally a bit better today, after more than two weeks, and he said he hadn't taken any pain pills since this morning.

He saw his regular doctor today and got in to the orthopedic surgeon the morning of the 3rd, so we'll see how all that goes. That's the day he's supposed to fly here, so fingers well crossed! (Makes it hard to type...*G*)


beware the treacherous teardrop, and the frumious bandersnatch! hope j. is doing better, and that the trip to the orthopod is a mere nuisance!

love the photos of the house, and the sketches/painting is marvelous. *sigh* i still want to be kate when i grow up...
LOL! And thank you, sweetie, I'm hoping for "mere nuisance" too!

And what's this "growing up" business you keep talking about???
oh, that's right. i forgot. no growing up. getting a bit older, perhaps...but never grow up! there's no future in it!!!
fortunately, we are never too old to have a happy childhood.
Older I can definitely manage!

And yep, I'm having my childhood NOW.


And I say yay for you! I applaud your childhood's arrival!!
Hope Joseph is feeling better and will be able to make the trip without problem.
Hi Miss Xoxa! Yes, so far sounds as if he's going to be able to come, hooray!

Childhood's joy and play is good, childish is a bit tedious--what a tightrope to walk!! :-)
Orthopod? I thought it was orthopede. *G* Anyway, Friday's checkup went OK - the primary focus was my blood pressure, which is still slightly elevated, so he doubled my hydrachorothiazyne - or was that vitameatavegamin? Anyway, he's got to check to see if the antibodies from my Lyme disease should have dissipated after two years. If so, we'll check for it again - this has been the year of the tick! =8^O
So when is that appointment, sweet?

And you certainly have gotten enough ticks!
Later... *G*
How very helpful! Goofball...