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September 2013



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New rehab photos up...

There was quite a bit of progress while I was gone, and more since I've been back.  It's starting to look like a place human beings could live, after all--and that IS progress!  This room was partially dry-walled, but almost completely incorrectly--the ceiling was sagging about an inch in some places!  All fastened back up securely and re-mudded, now...only one panel of the sheetrock on the walls had to be completely replaced...

And of course this is the room they'd drywalled, then kicked holes in--but that's all fixed, too.  The living room is done all but the panel over the fuse box, which will wait till we're sure we're finished with all the wiring decisions, and the DR/library is ready to sheetrock, or close to it.  I cleaned up all the old lath and debris again yesterday.  (I am SO out of shape, ow ow ow!)

I put up five new photos in the Yahoo album, here: http://new.photos.yahoo.com/graphicartepsi/album/576460762396605717

Looking good!


Whoa!! Look how bright and clean!!! That is barely recognizable as the same house. How wonderful for you. :-)
Thank you, it IS feeling a lot better over there now! And the outside walls are insulated, so that should help with utilities...


It IS looking good! I know you've probably said, but how high are the ceilings? What a nice place this is going to be---a dream come true.
Hi Miss Xoxa! I think they're 11 feet, but I'd have to measure to be sure. They're quite a bit higher than the standard sheet of drywall, anyway, so we're having to do the patchwork effect!

And yes, I think it's going to be lovely. Funny, the thing I'm rather dreading is fixing where someone started stripping the windows' woodwork in the parlor--it's all patchy and alligator-y. They must have gotten discouraged and quit...the baseboards and trim are the original varnish, and I wish they'd left the windows alone. (I HATE STRIPPING PAINT!) The other rooms where it's been all painted for years, I have no problem with simply painting over, but doggone...to have part of it wood and part paint, ick.

Can't wait till Joseph is here next week and can make some of these decisions himself. We're managing well with photos, sketches, and dozens of questions back and forth from Mark to him and back and from me to both of them, and all, but


Yes, it'll be much better when Joseph's there. For one thing, sic him on that alligatory window trim! What lovely high ceilings! Is Joseph going to rely on ceiling fans in the summer or will he do air conditioning? I don't know how hot summers get in those parts.
Are you recovering from your vacation ;D?
Well, maybe next time he's here...he should be taking it fairly easy still I think! He's better but probably not up to that much standing and reaching.

You need AC here, unfortunately--it's been a delightful year so far, but this is very abnormal for Missouri in the summer. Usually it is hot hot HOT (90s and better, once 115--hot enough to melt the trim off my car!) and very humid. Ick. (I hate summer, did I mention that?*G*) This year it's been wonderfully cool, most of the time, with quite a bit of rain. LOVELY. I don't mind the clouds, my skin is very happy and I can breathe!

Yes, recovering somewhat! Lots of catchup work to do, still needing to go to bed fairly early, but feeling human again. My knees and back are starting to recover, too--I love his house in Virginia, but it would kill me to live there!