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September 2013



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I was delighted with how this one turned out...it captures something of that sweet, sweet face that I love.  For some reason he wasn't moving as much as he often does, even in sleep, so I was able to work at a more relaxed pace.  I love drawing him, but even more when it turns out well!

And I'm also delighted to report that he's developing a LOT more silver hairs now, too...I'm older than he is but not THAT much older!  I began to get silvery in my twenties, so I'm used to it and like it, and am very happy that he not only likes MY silver hair but is happy with his own.  Grecian Formula, eat your heart out!

For some reason the LJ-Flickr link isn't working just now, so here is the URL to this drawing--I've added more from the trip in my album.  http://www.flickr.com/photos/25146557@N00/632162599/


lovely! it is so much easier when they're lying still...

eljay is being freaky, today. it just told me that i had no friends, and told me i could make some/add some...but a different link took me to the usual suspects.

El Bizarro!
Mighty sexy Kathy:)My husband has been losing hair since early 210's..but still isn't bald..but i see the flecks of white now. Heh..i'm almost 2 decades older..so far people always seem to not notice..(tho he looked pretty boyish til he cut his hair short).

Kinda wish i had silver hair..i've had it in the front since i was 20's..and i wore bangs etc and no one noticed..now i think where i have it in the front is making me look tired.It doesn't dye and my hair has always been a combination of about 3 or 4 colours. Mixed thru my hair it's cool..but concentrated at my forehead ..ick!@!@

We've only had a couple of instances in which people said tactless things.*GG* J. got ticked! It was cute...

Mine's sort of several colors too, but only a hair here and there--still some blonde from childhood, some brown, some reddish and then allllll that silver!
hmm..i wrote Cathy before and changed it because you go by Kate..heh..i was sure your name had to haave a K:)

i don't get tactless comments really..but at stores sometimes"are you two together"..heh. i can't figure out if it's because of interracial..or age...or maybe we don't look compatible to some.
Don't ask why it's Kate and C-Cathy. Just is.*G*

J. would say "and you need to know that...why??" My dad would have said "why, are you writing a book??" *G*
i think i was apologizing for spelling your name wrong..since mine is ALWAYS spelled wrong..it sometimes irks me:)
Oh, not to worry, it doesn't bother me, so no need for apologies! I only became Kate about 12 years ago or so--it's hard for my family, too!
my whole family calls me "Mike":)
Hey, whatever works. :-)
Hehehe. Gray hair is good, in all of the places we have it. ;-) Lovely, relaxed drawing. So what is up with the two page spread in your journal, and yet you leave us short??!! LOL. Just kidding. :-)
LOL Well, truthfully there was nothing more on the spread! Sometimes it's just that my scanner won't take both pages (and sometimes it really IS something I don't want to share in public!), but in this case I simply liked the white space on the other page.
This drawing is so full of emotion and sensuality--it's really stunning. Welcome back. I'm sorry to hear of your sweetie's back injury. I just recovered from a terrible week of back/hip pain myself. It sure can be debilitating! It sounds like you made the best of your time together anyway.
Thank you, Jana--it's one of my own favorites, as I said! Like most of us, he has a thousand faces, a thousand expressions...this is one of the sweetest.

Sorry to hear about your pain! I'm glad it's better...and looking forward to J. feeling better too. I think he is finally going to see about doing something about it today...



this is one of my favorites... peacful, calm and just wonderful.


Re: beautiful...

Thank you, Kerstin! It was lovely to see him getting some rest...he doesn't sleep well at night, for some reason.


best artwork completed and posted on an art/illustrated blog in 2007

This image has been nominated for my competition to find the best artwork completed and posted on an art/illustrated blog in 2007 - See
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Can I have permission to post the image on my blog on Monday please?

Merry Christmas

Re: best artwork completed and posted on an art/illustrated blog in 2007

Hi Katherine, and thank you, of course you may post the image. Interesting competition!