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September 2013



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My guy...

Upright and smiling--one of the BETTER days!  Sunday we drove a nice chunk of the Skyline Drive, through Shenandoah National Park.  Two years ago November, I painted some of the vistas near Dickey Ridge for my upcoming North Light book...

This isn't the one I painted before, but OH those blue mountain ranges...just gorgeous.  Not too far beyond this point, we saw another bear cub beside the road.  I wish I'd seen him in time to get a picture!  J. only saw him in the rear view mirror...

Skyline Drive is over 100 miles long, and we traveled just over 20, but the variety of natural beauty is incredible--wildflowers like old man's beard, columbine and bladder campion , granite cliffs, huge boulders, gently eroded sandstone ridges, twisted bare trees--I couldn't get enough of just LOOKING.

Unfortunately my old camera's software is being just insane, and it shut down 4 times in a row.  I can only download 2-3 photos at a time, and having to reopen the software each time just got to be too much.  I guess tomorrow I'll go try to find a card reader that will work with this thing, or see if I can't upgrade my camera's driver.  It was working FINE till recently and now it's a nightmare...I've got pics of the first little cub we saw, but I can't get to them to download them...siiiiigh....


Kate, so nice to see you again. I don't always post, but I follow along. ;-) Glad he wasn't hurt too seriously, and I am extra glad he is coming out soon!
Thank you, Donna, I'm glad too! The separations seem to get more difficult rather than easier...


WELCOME BACK, KATE!!! I'm sorry Joseph still isn't 100% but so glad he's better!! TAke your time -- it's almost as much work to recover from a trip as it is to prepare!!
You're SO right about the recovery time!! I thought I'd sleep like a log last night, but I guess I was TOO tired. Woke up about every hour until I finally gave up at one and took a Tylenol PM. Even at that, several more wakeups.

I hope I can get J. to go to the doctor today...he's hurting quite a bit, and it's frustrating not to be able to do anything...