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September 2013



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LOTS to catch up on!!

...I just blew back into town a couple of hours ago, and have dozens of photos to download and lots of sketches and paintings to scan...manana!  LOVELY trip to the Shenandoah Valley--not what we'd planned, but what we needed, I think...except for the bad fall kateslover took the second day, as he was trying to turn the trailer around to hook up to the truck!  Poor love!

So instead of tooling around the Adirondacks and Poconos and camping in the teardrop again, as we'd planned, we stayed closer to home, hot baths, luxurious back rubs, Ibuprofen and a comfortable bed--a very wise decision for a lot of reasons. 

He's still in quite a bit of pain, landed RIGHT on his back, and I hated to leave him this morning.  Who'll rub in the liniment and hug him tight?

One of my lovely and considerate students noticed I hadn't posted for two weeks...this is why!  Painting, sketching, picnicking, driving through Shenandoah National Park, dabbling feet in the Shenandoah River, sharing Solstice steak and salads, shrimp and pizza, sketching, laughing together, watching a baby black bear, seeing a pair of bucks in velvet not a block and a half from his house, painting on a windswept hill, taking in a movie, dining on the deck, going for lobster, drawing his adorable kitties--and himself!  Life is good...if it just weren't for the pain in his back, and the pain of having to leave him.

He'll be HERE in less than two weeks, though, so I'm feeling very fortunate and very, very happy.


Welcome Back!

Except for the all it sounds like a vacation to be envious of!

Re: Welcome Back!

Thank you! And yes, people from all over the world go there to do just what we did...maybe even people from the Poconos and Adirondacks! ;-)
missed you, lady! i hope the house next door behaved while you were away. never can tell about these wild, untamed places...the civilized touch can't wander too far afield!
I worried about that! It seems to have made some progress in my absence, but of course not as much as I hoped. Mark had another job to do, and took his OWN family on a camping trip this past weekend...thank God the old chimney bricks are out of the former Rose Room and both front rooms are almost drywalled. Looks like more wiring, too. There must have been more prep work too, there's more lath on the floors in the library and kitchen (I thought we were DONE with that!)
Well..you needed a nice vacation..but you have the patience of a saint. How long til your honey moves to the house permanently??

"the patience of a saint"...

"the patience of a saint"...pretty sure he'd laugh at that one! ;-)))

I'm not really patient, I just try to accept things as they are. I set goals (sort of!) but try not to get too hung up in expectations.

It will be after he retires, a long year from now... :-( But he'll be here, and I'll go there again and we'll have good times in between. It's sort of like dating, with injuries. :-)

Oh, funny, we had planned THIS one to be nice, relaxed, no surgeries, stress, house buying, paper signing, family visiting or other people stresses. WRONG...

Re: "the patience of a saint"...

Things tend to work out differently than planned..i guess it's good to learn to go with the flow..He looks to young for retirement:)

Re: "the patience of a saint"...

I've had to learn that or spend a lifetime in frustration! :-))

And yes, he is younger than most in the private sector. He was career Navy, retired from that, then went to work as a civilian for one of the departments of the Navy. He's eligible for that retirement next year, and will probably work at something else after that, but HERE!

Re: "the patience of a saint"...

cool..a friend of mine joined the police force in her home town in Jersey late..but still got to retire at 50..so she bought a house in the town in Mass i lived in before that ..houses were very cheap.She just bought ten acres in New Hampshire with a house that has a section for her mother and a few out buildings for about $200k. Meanwhile we are paying a fortune o live in the Bay area where the jobs are..gas is ridiculous and my husband works 50 miles away(with traffic) 4 daes a week. gah!

Re: "the patience of a saint"...

Yes, J. has to drive about 70 miles, morning and night--living in the D.C. area is just ridiculous, and compared to houses in my town, even the little ones in his Virginia community are frighteningly high! I hope that works in our favor when he sells his.

Re: "the patience of a saint"...

i have some relatives and a good friend that settled in the DC area..it just doesn't appeal to me at all!

Re: "the patience of a saint"...

The area around it is gorgeous, but the whole DC area is just too population dense!
So glad you are home, my friend. I hope that J. heals up quickly and flies to your side. The restorative part was very good, so sorry about the pain part. We are looking forward to paintings and sketches.
Thank you, Miss Karen! I hope he does too...he went to work yesterday, but he was SO not ready to sit all day long in his cubie. He's off work again today, lots of pain. I hate not being there!

Looks as if you had a productive time while I was gone, too--I looked at your blog last night, lovely work! LOVED the lemons...

For anyone who hasn't bookmarked http://karenwinters.com/kblog/ I highly recommend it! What an inspiration...


Re: Welcome back !

Hello Kate,

So glad to have you back. Sorry to hear about Joseph's fall. Hope his back gets better very soon. I'm sure with your loving care that he will.
We are all looking forward to seeing the paintings & pictures from your much deserved time off. Take your time catching up, it will still be there tomorrow. You have been missed!


Re: Welcome back !

Thank you, Jan, I just wish I were there to GIVE it! He's at his place in Virginia and I'm back in Missouri...

You're right about the catching up, of course...some things are pressing (orders, an article assignment) and some not so much. So why do I want to do the "not so much" first?!? ;-)