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September 2013



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cat bite update...

I was TERRIFICALLY lucky that I went to the ER when I did, that my doctor prescribed Augmentin that morning, maybe that I used peroxide on it immediately...I've heard lots of horror stories since my bite, and I'm very grateful to be able to report that just over a week later both little wounds are dry and healed, if a bit scabby, I can make a fist again, I can see tendons on the back of my hand, and that it's flesh color, not shiny red!  I'm still on the antibiotic, for another two days, but that's fine.  Magic.

If you get bit, PLEASE see your doctor immediately.  ER if necessary.  This can be really nasty...my doctor says it's because those sharp little teeth can go deep and literally inject you with bacteria. 

If you want additional encouragement, see my friend lostandlikenit 's journal--she's had a really rough time, including surgery, a hospital stay, IV antibiotics, and physical therapy for another SEVEN WEEKS for a bite that occurred in mid-April.  Holy cow...

My sweet Miss Pooh just bit me because she was scared.  It never would have happened otherwise.  Sometimes we get to playing too hard, sometimes they feel threatened.  It's not their fault, but please do take it seriously if it happens. 


sound advice!!! i'm so glad you handled it like you did. we[ve had to do surgical procedures on several people in the last few years that have waited a bit too long. recovery really does take a long time, and there are no gurarntees, once infection has set it for any length of time. i'm susre it's part of a primitive defense system...but it doesn't go well with our modern kitties/owners.
Thanks, girl...I'm glad I did too! Modern antibiotics are great, but you need them QUICKLY.


The cat drawings are wonderful. Love the use of green.

I was barely scratched by a cat ten years ago, and the cat's owner had me wash the area immediately and apply Neosporin. No problems, and since then I've kept a fresh tube of Neosporin handy. No more cat scratches though.

Your cat bite is scary, and I'm so happy to hear things are now going well.

Hi Jenny! Yes, I used peroxide followed by a Neosporin generic--that may have made mine less serious...it was painful, but I am amazed I got past it so quickly! Still a tiny bit tender, but that's it...


Wow, I had no idea a cat bite could be so dangerous. I'm SO glad you got yours taken care of before things got really bad---that would be the last thing you need after these trying months. It is thrilling to see the rehab project coming along so beautifully and to see the warm summery light on porches and eaves.
Take good care, sweet Kate.
PS Cats' eyes are so hard to draw. You did a brilliant job on Miss Pooh's green ones.
Good morning, dear Miss Xoxa...I'm really glad too! With the dumpster here, I had lots of work to do, and I could hardly draw that first day. Very frustrating!

And yes, isn't that light glorious?!

I love drawing and painting eyes...I was pleased with hers on this one!


I'm so glad to hear you're ok now! And I just love how you've illustrated this - oh, those green eyes! Casey
Thank you, Casey! That was one of my favorite drawings of Miss Pooh, from last year...
Ow! Yeah, my friend Loie had a cat bite that took a LONG time to heal, even though she got treated quickly.
I really must have been lucky!