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September 2013



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...so now that my hand is better, I've been able to get back to work on the house the last three days...taking it carefully, of course, and keeping the wounds clean!    (They're mostly itchy, now...must be a good sign.  I like it better than hurting like crazy!)

My darling friends Keith and Jeri Bowen and their son John and a buddy came on Memorial Day to help; John and his friend Chris came back Friday to help take out the old bathroom that had been stolen from the kitchen.  That room feels so wonderfully spacious now!  Room for a table, even!

Then Monday night my beloved Naomi and HER husband John came after she got off work and we kept at it till 10:30--so much, much done in the past week and a half, despite my stupid injury.  What wonderful friends we have...

The dumpster came on Thursday afternoon, and we have it for a week...almost full, now.  I've filled three 55-gallon trash cans with lath and about thirty or so 5-gallon buckets with plaster in the last 2 1/2 days, and my back feels it, for sure.  Thank God Mark or someone else empties them!!  I don't mind sweat equity, but whew, that dumpster is tall, especially now that we've had to close the door on it again, and lifting that far for me would be a feat--I'm 5'2" and shrinking!

I realized yesterday that as long as the house stands, it will NEVER be as filthy as it is right now!  That's a good feeling...I think. :-)  kateslover laughed and agreed, when I told him that this morning!

Mark's been working on the rewiring, and has now STARTED SHEETROCKING, hooray!  Construction instead of DEstruction is going to feel great!!!  So soon we'll have a new ceiling and walls in the living room...

The light makes love to that house, inside and out...I love sitting on my front porch now and looking next door to see the sunlight playing on the white trim and columns.  When you're inside, in the afternoon, the two front rooms just glow...it's beautiful.  I really love tall Victorian windows and high ceilings...and since it sits on the SE corner of the intersection of our two streets, the sunlight reaches up between the houses to light it up...

And as Joseph said, it is SUCH a joy to look over there with delight and anticipation instead of dread, trying not to catch anyone's eye when there's a fight going on, ducking back inside to keep a low profile, listening to the screaming.  Now, it's quiet and peaceful again, save for the sounds of construction during the day.  The mess IS a mess, but it's not trash and garbage and junk--it's progress.  And is good.

The newest photos are here, if you're interested-- http://new.photos.yahoo.com/graphicartepsi/album/576460762396605717



Kate..I just read that your hand got hurt? I hope it isn't too bad and that it will heal quick. Reading that it is itching is of course a good sign, not very comfortable, but good. Speedy healing!
Thank you, Ronell! Itching it is, but more localized, now to the first knuckle and finger joint, so good sign I think. The punctures are healing well, looks like!