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September 2013



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Communicable Disease Department...

Blue Pooh, originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

So I missed a call on my answering machine, very serious, confidential, wouldn't leave anything but a name and call-back number. Um...reverse lookup showed the Health Department's Prevention of Communicable Disease division?? So I tried to call back, too late...

Of course I was wondering if I ate someplace I shouldn't have, or got exposed to someone, were people dropping like flies who visited the shops I did, and should I even LET Naomi and John come over and help me with the work on the house last night??? Then I just KNEW it had to do with the kitty bite, and called the emergency room to ask.

Of course. All animal bites have to be reported, then they just ask you a few questions, like was it your animal, what were the circumstances, and did she have her shots and such...so I called my vet this morning to confirm, then called the health department.

She was very sweet and sympathetic, already KNEW the circumstances and offered condolences. Asked what antibiotic I was on, what strength, how often I took it (?!?), if she was a house cat, all that stuff. She said she hates to leave messages, because they just CAN'T say more in case someone else is listening (er, SO WHAT??) and she knows how scary it must be.

Ya think?

My hand is much better, anyway, and I worked on the house last night with the kids, I can type and draw now, but damn, I miss that sweet little kit...this is one of my favorite recent drawings of her, and no, she wasn't blue, it's just hard to do a completely black cat...


Oh, you're right, and good grief!

Glad my Logic-O-Meter was working and I called the emergency room...