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September 2013



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Oh my Lord--technology!

So once again I am trying to find some shoes that are comfortable--between my bad knee and the arthritis this is not always easy, and Wally World NOR Lands End is carrying "cheapenstocks" this season.  I'm not quite up for the real thing...

So I was poking around Lands End, considering a couple of other types of sandals, and thought while I was at it I'd explore tunic tops, which are also hard to find.  Found myself in their My VIrtual Model section...

AMAZING.  You (blush, blush) tell it your height and weight and other pertinent details, including bra size, and voila, you get to see what their clothes would look like on someone built like YOU.  This is a good thing...

I think....

I AM short and round after all!

I could really use a rueful-faced smilie right here...)


Have you tried crocs, Kate? They are the most comfy things I've ever had on my feet, and my bad knees seem to like them... And they now have styles other than the clunky garden clogs (which I love, despite being told they're ugly). I don't think I'm brave enough to find out how Land's End would render my figure, LOL, but I do love their clothes.
I haven't tried them, though I've heard a lot of people rave about them! Seems like your feet would get sweaty and stick to them, if you weren't wearing socks--and I can't stand socks in the summer, have you tried them without?
Most of the time they stay pretty cool and dry. There are lots of ventilation holes. I wear then without socks most of the year, and throw socks on in the winter. But on really miserably humid days, they do get a bit sticky yucky. Kicking them off for a few minutes helps. And wearing them in heavy rain isn't a lot of fun, either, because they squoosh (although I have worn them to go wading when I forgot my water shoes). But mostly, they're good.
Well, I may have to give them a try then!
"I AM short and round after all!"

You forgot CUTE!! *G*
I'm delighted you think so. Maybe in my NEXT life I'll have those nice long legs that go on forever! (Though my aunt Edith had those paired with a very short torso and WAY short waist...wasn't so great. Guess I'll need to be tall, too.*G*)
Short and round is just fine with me...
I know. *dls*


Well, sorry to interrupt...but just wanted to say Keen's are really good shoes! If you can wear kid's sizes (okay, youth) they're half price of the adult's....also can find them on eBay but probably should try them on for real to get your size.....seem maybe a little small?--Carol C.
Hey, you're not interrupting! I'm always open to suggestion--never heard of Keen's, so I'll have to check them out!