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September 2013



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Still Life with Dust Masks

Still Life with Dust Masks, originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

Funny what catches your eye...when we finished working on Memorial Day, the boys hung their masks on this bit of lath...I added mine, Keith's and Jeri's, then put the crowbars where I could find them...

Life IS art.

I was using my usual little DS folding travel set, a #12 round WC brush, a 1" flat, and finished with a #7 round--this is Morilla (discontinued) or Canson Montval WC paper, wish I could remember which. No watermark...

I made use of the Masquepen on this one, too...it's working again, don't know why...it wanted to blow bubbles below the tip the last couple of times I used it!


I learned that the paper is delicate enough that it needs to be COMPLETELY dry before removing the maskoid, though...tore the paper in a couple of places...

(I put notes on this one, just click on the image and that will take you to my Flickr album...)


Okay, Kate? Because I know you don't have enough on your plate, you really need to do an illustrated book of your renovation complete with these amazing wc's your doing of the details. Yup. You do! :)
Yah, I just know publishers would LINE UP for that!*GGG*

Silly girl...
Hey I'm COMPLETELY serious! I think it'd be fascinating and let's face it we're at an all-time high of renovation shows on TV (I know. I know. You DON'T know but trust me on this!) Further, I'm currently reading a book called "The Prickotty Bush" (http://www.amazon.com/Prickotty-Bush-Story-Garden/dp/0333511883) whose author describes his obsession/creation of a garden in the '80s that has *some* illustrations though of really bad (and I mean REALLY bad) black squiggles that could've used some of your style wc's as accompaniment. Anyway. At least *think* about it. 'kay?!? :D
I'm thinking, 'kay?*G* I usually do, but I sort of thought my Naturalist's Cabin would sell, too. I was mistaken.*G*

And you're right, I DON'T know about renovation shows...I used to love This Old House, though...marked for life!


dust-mask art

Kate, this is just beautiful - isn't it strange how a thing like dust masks hanging can become so lovely when observed and rendered in a sensitive way. You colours are just gorgeous - I love the golden glow of light over the work... You're right. Life is art.

Re: dust-mask art

Thank you, Jules! I'm glad you like...


Dust Masks

Never have dust masks looked so glorious! I love this painting! I also love your landscapes, and old houses, barns etc - but these quirky, everyday object paintings are always my favorites.

Re: Dust Masks

Thank you, Shirley! I like the everyday stuff, too...celebrating the moments.
in her mask,
eyes dancing,
tackles a house
and makes it behave.
she leaves behind
her mark
and records it
with skill
and paint
and a deft touch
that makes me
of my face
in my mask,
my skills were
as hers
and i smile because
she will never
give an anesthetic
like i can
and i will
You are SO adorable. And don't imagine for a MOMENT I don't know what's really important, in our jobs!

I ran into an old friend at the hospital yesterday, a doctor. The nurses were looking at my sketchbook, and he had to see it too...when he finished he said "good thing you have this talent, I can't do ANYTHING."

I said "right, just save lives and make people feel better."

He blushed and hugged me.


Kate, you could make art out of anything! what a treat to visit your blog again. Casey
Thank you, Casey, and likewise! Your travel sketches are wonderful!
Yep, that's what I was using all right! Thanks...