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September 2013



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My little travel palette

My little travel palette, originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

So far, my all-time favorite palette! It's from Daniel Smith, and was wildly inexpensive--something like $2.99. It folds small enough to fit in my messenger bag (which is, with the addition of Burt's Bees chapstick and my checkbook and credit card, my purse too!) It goes everywhere with me, along with a selection of Niji waterbrushes, regular watercolor brushes, and a tiny water container with a nested cup. I can paint up to 9 x 12" with this setup, and probably larger if I didn't need big washes. No excuse not to paint unless I forget PAPER...

Much of what I've posted here has been done with this little set, though I have a larger one that fits in my knapsack when I am REALLY serious about plein air work.

I was experimenting with colors--normally wouldn't need anywhere near this many, but I'm branching out and testing different reds and yellows. I'm trying to wean myself from Cadmiums, for my students' sake, because of the toxicity, but I've used Cadmiums for 35 years and I'm not dead yet, so it hasn't been easy...

At least two of those reds will go, one of the blues, one of the yellows...and I've hardly used to greens, just included them because I USED to use Sap Green and Hooker's Green Deep a lot...

Here's the little sprayer/water container--I haven't been lucky enough to find a pair that nest like this since!

water container and painting stuff

If I just want to stick with the primaries, I take this palette:

Just the primaries travel palette

If I were to replace it, I'd get another Daniel Smith one, though...this one is matte plastic, and stains much worse.

I love working with just the primaries, usually a warm and a cool of each, but you can go as simple as this color wheel using M. Graham's paints:

3-color wheel scan

...you can create just about any color with the primaries! This painting, which appears in my new North Light book mentioned here the other day (now in pre-order status at Amazon), was done with just the color wheel above...

Primary Desert


I am tempted to lick my computer screen! :-)
Go right ahead, I won't tell! (I was probably still editing this one when you wrote, hope you didn't lick anything off...*G*)
Arrghhh! I wish I'd bought one of those for this trip...!

Oh well, when I get home, I'm trying that set of watercolors. Thanks for showing all the juicy stuff!
I love, love, LOVE it. So lightweight and versatile!

And you're welcome, I hope you have a glorious time!