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September 2013



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Well fooey...Yahoo Albums are going away...

...of course Yahoo owns both that service and Flickr, and the Yahoo Albums are free.  Guess which ones are disappearing?  (Flickr's free too, if you post only a minimum number a month and have only 3 albums.)

I discovered this when I went to add today's new photos to my House Rescue album and couldn't.  I don't know if that is permanent till the official closing this fall or just a glitch, but it's a pain in the tusche.  Some albums I'll just delete, but the House Rescue I enjoy sharing...lots of photos to have to move one by one, which they say you do.  (The photo above is of my darling friends, Keith and Jeri Bowen, who came to help with Keith's son John and his friend Craig, and got more done in 2 hours than I've been able to by myself for the past MONTH.  LOVE them, LOVE them, LOVE them.)

And of course I'm guessing the captions go too.  RATS.

Oh well, I'll figure out something--in my copious spare time...

Meanwhile I went back to delete an album or two and discovered now I can post new photos.  What's up with that??  I need to find them a new home...wish I liked Photobucket better, but I don't think you can add captions, can you?

The new photos on the House Rescue are at the bottom of page 2... http://new.photos.yahoo.com/graphicartepsi/album/576460762396605717


oh, bother...just when i was beginning to get the hang of this picture thing...
I KNOW. They just changed it recently and I finally figured out how to move things where I wanted them, easily, and change captions. Pfaugh! Weren't making enough from their mugs and prints I'm guessing...
wow--i am exhausted, just looking at how hard you're working! i'm having trouble just staying awake at the keyboard, tonight. sheesh, woman--sit, just for a minnit, wouldja???

I'm sitting awreddy!

whottya think I'm doing right NOW?*GG* It was GLORIOUS having help. Bless them!! Amazing how much more work people with a little energy can do!