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September 2013



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A grateful heart is the seat of happiness...

...so began the May 21 entry of my dear friend Laura Frankstone's blog, at http://laurelines.typepad.com/

For me, that is very true--today, and every day.  I have much to be grateful for, and I know it.  I express my gratitude daily--to individuals, to God, to the Universe, to the Grace. 

And to the young men and women on the lines.  My sweetheart taught me that, as have the men and women who fought in the war that I protested, all those years ago...when I see a young man or woman in uniform, I go up to them, shake their hands, and say "thank you."  Just that.

God YES I want peace.  I'd love to have them all home.  I hate the politics involved--in that, I have not changed since the 70s. 

But...I got an email today that said our service people are not heroes, they're ordinary men and women, subject to drunkenness, whoring, and other human faults...the real heroes, to the writer, were those who speak out for the truth.

Well, in my eyes the truth is that heroes ARE ordinary men and women who do what must be done when the chips are down.

 Whether they're in the service or no, heroes do what has to be done.  Service people, doctors, nurses, priests and pastors, policemen, firemen, husbands and fathers, mothers and wives, sisters and brothers, artists, musicians--heroes among them all, who do what needs to be done, today and every day.  Who work to make life better and safer and more beautiful...who try hard to preserve the Grace, and share it with us.  I'm sorry my email correspondent hasn't known them.

I've been blessed, in my lifetime, knowing many such ordinary heroes.  For that, I am profoundly grateful. 

This Memorial Day, I remember them all.


...and on behalf of one person in uniform, thanks.
You've been on the lines in many arenas yourself, sweetie...and I AM grateful to you.
amen, and amen!
I was thinking of you, too, girl. It is not easy to do what you do.


Amen! Even big heroes started as "regular folk" just doing what was right and just.
Yes...to me that's what defines a hero. Not even whether they're ever actually called upon to risk their lives--some aren't, and never come in the line of fire--but that they are WILLING, they're there.

And sometimes all it takes to be a true hero is to be kind when it's not the popular thing to do, to stop and help when you wouldn't have to, or to do the right, small, unsung things day after day after day.


Memorial Day

My heros wear combat boots be they men or women. The job they are trying to do is one of the most difficult in the world. They need to know that they are appreciated and that people care if they live to make it home or die in a distant land.
The person that sent that e-mail you referred to has no idea what happens to you when you are being shot at by terrorists who look like the average citizen you are supposed protect. It is a frightening situation.

Re: Memorial Day

I absolutely agree, Pat. I respect those who are willing to do what I can't.