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September 2013



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Tryst Falls Heron

Tryst Falls Heron, originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

And of course this is the 26th, not the 25th...but oh well! It was gorgeous, and almost no one else there. Watkins Mill was CROWDED, not surprisingly, so it was nice to find a quiet place to paint.

I'd planned to do a colored pencil drawing, but couldn't resist the speed and splash of watercolor. As always, I learn something about working on the spot...and as always, I didn't seem to have some of the things I needed. A larger round brush, paper towels...

Still it was lovely to sit down to paint and suddenly see my favorite bird swoop downstream and land nearby...he paced up and down the stream all the while I was there. I'm glad I found time to run away from work and just explore.


Absolutely lovely! I was on the fence about taking my watercolors to England, but this cinched it for me... I'm taking 'em!
Don't leave home without 'em! *G*
Which of course was EXACTLY what I was going to say. Same wavelength, yet again...
You two are adorable. Really!

(HT and I tend to be like this, too, saying similar things at the same time.)
Thank you! You guys have been a delight to see, too. Love IS grand, isn't it??
And seriously, Ais! I can't imagine England without watercolors...I've got several blogging-artist friends who are English and I SO enjoy seeing their work! And of course so many of our wonderful historic and contemporary watercolorists are English...
*LOL* Okay, you two have convinced me! I haven't used watercolor in forever, and I was going to make time (when...? *chortle*) to practice before leaving but... you're right about the colors around England. They're ideally suited to watercolors.
Well, if you don't have time to practice, I recommend my quick-and-dirty sketch with washes method above! Sorta like painting your own coloring book, except you do the basic underpinning too! I just SPLASH those washes in.

I wish I were going with you! I know it's going to be a glorious trip...
Lovely! All we have here this weekend is fog and wind. It's grey and ugly and wintery--a perfect day to be in the studio though your painting makes me long to be outdoors in nature. Your new picture of yourself on your blog is funny!

rehabbing and other things!

Well, actually it's been cool, stormy, and gray here, too, but happily I LOVE that (till it gets TOO stormy anyway. Any weather that feels good on my skin and the air is easy to breathe--as opposed to normal Midwest soup, in late spring and summer!) is just fine with me!

And yeah, rehabbing has become my life. Figured I might as well reflect it!*G* Sweaty, dirty, gritty, and oh GOD I hate those masks! Talk about hard to breathe....