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September 2013



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More artifacts, same page

art-ifacts, originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

A few more finds, though no room for the large, fluted flask. LJ has been having problems posting, so we'll see if this goes...

Ah, good, it did!  So, here is the little perfume bottle and the child's tea set saucer, as shiny and new as it was 60-70 years ago when it was lost.  Thirty years ago I went to church with an older woman whose grandparents once lived in that house.  I can't help but wonder if her much younger self lost the saucer from her tea set under the back porch floor...

This was a wonderful, perfect evening...a long, tiring, pressured day, and then just STOPPED.  I sat on the back deck and had a fire in the chiminea (that's ONE way to get rid of all that lath, though the plaster dust is not that great for my hands), an icy lime vodka, and a good mystery novel.  The light seemed to last forever, the weather was utterly perfect, cool and cloudy, and there were NO interruptions, nothing I needed to do, nowhere I needed to be.  Dear God, does life get any better than that??

This same raccoon came for a visit, staying with me close to 45 minutes, inspecting the back yard and deck, coming within a couple of feet of me several times.  I startled it and it dived for under the deck, but I spoke softly to it and it stopped, peered closely at me, and seemed to say "Oh.  Never mind then..."  and went back to looking for grubs or whatever it was eating beneath the vinca and wild garlic.

The feral female cat, on the other hand, took one look, panicked, and ran like all the fiends of hell were after her.  Thought cats were supposed to be domesticated...idjet...

I stayed till I'd burned all the wood I'd carried over, and finished my book and my drink and darkness had fallen...what a glorious evening.


Sounds like a lovely evening:)
Absolutely sublime!


What an absolutely lovely post. Charming writing and beautiful sketches as usual.
Thank you, Robyn. It was a perfect evening--with the overcast, the light never really changed till it got dark, so it felt like I was out there forever--time suspended! Wonderful...
I loved this post and the drawings. It gets cold here in the evenings near the SF Bay so few houses have front porches to sit out on in the evenings. It sounds like such an idyllic scene, complete with little racoons (the drawings is precious). I've always wanted a front porch. My grandmother had one in her old house by the beach in Santa Monica (until the city government took her house from her via emminent domain 30 years ago to build gated highrise apartments). She fought them and hers was the last house standing but she eventually lost the battle and her home of 40 years where my mom was born and raised. I come from a long line of feisty women!
Thank you, Miss Jana! Sorry about the front porch situation, I love my porches, even sit on mine in the winter, if it is at ALL possible. (The chiminea helps, on the back deck!) Joseph's new wraparound porch is just wonderful...the view down the street is calling me, I may have to draw it next. The sunset glow shines right in his big front window and lights everything up inside like a big seashell! (Well, without the sea, of course...this IS Missouri...)

And I can just SEE your feisty ancestresses! My grandma Annie was that way, too--my grandfather, William Kelley, was the sweetest, kindest, gentlest and quietest old fellow, just towered over that round little bully! "Now, WILL!" I can still hear her say that, as she berated him about something or other! They loved eachother completely...it was all sham, on her part, of course, little toughie...

Sorry about the family home, though...I hate when that happens!